Monday, August 31, 2015


I still can't get over the fact that tumblr deleted Bespokeredmayne's blog, which was one of my favorites. She's one of Eddie's most devoted fans and worked a lot on her posts. She posted already published pictures and was careful to give credit too. Her tweet gave me the idea to make this post. Here are a few related pictures below. (My edits)

This is a bit different situation, he puts on the jacket here, but the capture is similar.


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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eddie went to see Ben Whishaw in 'Bakkhai' - Fan encounters this weekend

 tessa047 (x): Most wonderful actor and a super lovely man 
He was at the greek play we went to see, he really is the nicest person!

Sherly (x): So I met Eddie Redmayne yesterday at Almeida Theatre in London. Asdfhj! (x) via

She and her bffs went to see the 'Bakkhai' with Ben Whishaw. (x) (x)

Another encounter today

Just bumped into Eddie Redmayne after watching the Gers top man Stephen Hawkins move (x) via

The good old T-shirt is back

Personal note:
Another 4 days and I leave to Venice. I go to Vienna by train than I change to a night train and I arrive to Venice on Friday morning. I meet there a redmayniac friend Maria Cristina and we'll go to the Festival on Saturday together. 
I haven't met Eddie yet, I can't wait to see him in person at last. Now it's my turn.
I can meet some other redmayniac friends as well and we can see 'The Danish Girl' 
within a week. This will be one of my greatest adventures.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Official posters for 'The Danish Girl' released - we can see the first trailer next week

The Danish Girl - official UK poster (at last!!) + new website!

...While we've already seen a few amazing photos of him as the transgender character, the first official poster for the much-anticipated film has just been released, revealing his incredible transformation yet again. Redmayne stuns in
the golden-hued poster, donning an auburn wig and a deep-red lip color apropos of the '30s-era fashion.
But the true beauty comes from the juxtaposition of Lili and her wife Gerda Wegener (the first person to ever photograph the artist as a transgender woman), who is played in the film by Alicia Vikander. Putting the women in the spotlight together on the poster sends a powerful message of a couple standing together and supporting one another as they both discover their true selves in different ways...

marieclaire: Here's Eddie Redmayne as a Gorgeous Trans Woman in 'The Danish Girl' Stunning.
"A travel pack of tissues won't be enough. Bring paper towels." Come Nov. 27, that's just what we'll do.

Another article here:
Here we have it everyone, a first look at Eddie Redmayne in the movie poster for The Danish Girl....

I thought the posters are intended to promote the film. Why don't allow us to share them then?
It's distressing. There are copyright issues with some posters. They deleted Bespokeredmane's blog on tumblr, which is sad and unfair, because she used already published pictures and gave credit. This was a great blog, she worked a lot to collect the newest infos and pictures about Eddie. This caused quite a lot of damage in this blog too, because I used pictures from her blog (with url) for a while. These images are missing and I need to replace them which is a lot of work and takes some time.

Telluride Film Festival 2015: Most Anticipated
The 42nd Telluride Film Festival is about to get underway in southwest Colorado. A box canyon provides a jaw-dropping setting for a fest jammed packed with premieres, retrospectives and classics over Labor Day weekend. ...
Telluride is a small and friendly town that provides an intimate arena for intense discussion about film. In recent years, higher profile selections in the program have gone on to Academy award winning renown. These movies have garnered Telluride attention on the film festival circuit but not changed the close-knit community who work to bring it to life or get to enjoy the genuine conversation about film that is normally excised from such an environment due to business dealings. The last 5 Best Picture winners (The King’s Speech, The Artist, Argo, 12 Years A Slave and Birdman) all had their North American premieres here. Many of Telluride’s selections go directly on to the Toronto Film Festival just a few days later which has led to that festival’s bizarre attempt to corral and brand prestigious openings as their own. Toronto has backed down from some of its initial aggression towards Telluride for taking away its ability to say that films had their first showings there but still is relegating filmmakers who take their work to Telluride first to less prestigious venues and days in Toronto....
Tom Hooper first came to the festival with the popular The King’s Speech and then stepped away from the festival circuit with his blockbuster version of Les Miserables. Fresh off of The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne looks as though he’s taken on another challenging life story. Playing a transgender trailblazer, Redmayne’s performance at the heart of the movie looks at the very least absorbing and at most devastating...

The 42nd edition of TFF will run September 4 – 7, 2015
What's playing in the Telluride program is not revealed until you reach the mountains. In what has become our tradition, three distinguished artists will be honored with a silver medallion, one presented each night of the Festival.(x)
This means that if 'The Danish Girl' is screened at the festival, 
the North American premiere will be at TFF not in Toronto.
Download the 41st Telluride Film Festival Program Guide PDF

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eddie, dogs and puppies

This post was inspired by the National Dog Day which was yesterday in the USA. It's aim is to honor dogs, and 
to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse. It was founded in 2004 by National Dog Day Foundation. 
National Dog Day wishes to encourage dog ownership of all breeds and embraces the opportunity for all dogs 
to live a happy, safe and ”abuse-free life”. (x)

Eddie and a puppy

 Powder Blue screencaptures

Proof That Eddie Redmayne Is A Puppy

By Betty Zhang

You know this is true.
  • Picturesque: Two Puppies Under A Tree

    By Betty Zhang
    This is what (fangirl) dreams are made of.
  • Academy Award-winning Puppy

    By Betty Zhang
    Who's a good boy :3
  • There Are So Many Things Happening

    By Betty Zhang
    He's smiling. He's in a pea coat type thing (unsure of exact name; I'm no Miranda Presley). He's riding a bike. In a park. And it's beautiful. Oh and there's A PUPPY IN A BASKET asfghjkl
  • Puppy Is Having A Profound Moment

    By Betty Zhang
    Do not disturb. 
  • Self-Grooming Puppy

    By Betty Zhang
    Work it baby.
  • Interspecies Interaction

    By Betty Zhang
    Dog playing with human and bear. 
  • WHAT. IS. THIS?!

    By Betty Zhang
  • Ginormous Dalmatian Plus Wee Lad

    By Betty Zhang
    Petite, classy and debonaire as usual. The boy I mean.
  • Just-washed Puppy

    By Betty Zhang
    Post-bath time pup, all fresh and fluffy! It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeee!!!
  • [urge to photoshop own face onto hers intensifies]

    By Betty Zhang
    And it has to be an intentionally crappy photoshop, to be funny. Good times.
  • Pure British Breed

    By Betty Zhang
    I'm not crying I just have Eddie Redmayne in my eyes and I don't know anything anymore.
  • What Do You Mean There's A Boy In This Picture?

    By Betty Zhang
    It's a big puppy cradling a small puppy, duh.
  • 101 Dalmatians + 1 British Puppy Boy

    By Betty Zhang
    It's the sequel you've been waiting for. 
  • Beware Of Angry Pup

    By Betty Zhang
    You heard him. 
  • BONUS 1: Puppy On The Tube

    By Betty Zhang
    *Sleep-deprived puppy on the tube - the poor thing looks all worn out! :'(
  • BONUS 2: Marius Pontmercy's Friends Are All Dead

    By Betty Zhang
    Empty chairs at empty tables.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TDG screenings in Venice and Toronto - Eddie and Alicia expected to attend both premieres

The World Premiere of 'The Danish Girl' 
will be in Venice on 5th September
Screenings on 5th September:
19:30 - Sala Grande
20:15 - PalaBiennale

Other screenings at the Festival:

The Venice Film Festival's main jury is being helmed this year by director Alfonso Cuarón. Joining Cuarón on that panel are Elizabeth Banks and Diane Kruger, as well as French author/screenwriter/director Emmanuel Carrère; Turkish director and 2014 Palme d’Or winner Nuri Bilge Ceylan; Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski (Ida, this year’s Oscar-winner for best foreign language film); Italian director Francesco Munzi; Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien (who won best director at Cannes this year for The Assassin); and British director and screenwriter Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin). (x)

(x) released The Schedule of TIFF,40
‘The Danish Girl’ North American Premiere will be on Saturday, September 12. 6:15 PM
at The Princess of Wales Theatre.
Eddie is expected to attend, his name is on the
TIFF2015 guests list
This means he cannot attend the closing ceremony in Venice.
Eddie's got a busy schedule this fall, because he's filming 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them'.

This year Focus Features‘ The Danish Girl and Warner Bros‘ Our Brand Is Crisis have two prime slots at the 2000-seat Princess of Wales theater on Friday and Saturday nights...
The Danish Girl alone is screening total of FIVE times. Coming for that People’s Choice Award for real...

One of the extraordinary things about The Danish Girl is the manner in which Hooper treats the emotional volatility these characters cope with, both individually and together. Love and understanding are paramount to them, even as 
the emergence of Lili brings simultaneous loss and gain. Vikander is superb, and Redmayne's performance in his transgendered role is as subtle and powerful as his work in last year's The Theory of Everything.

Still from The Danish Girl: higher quality + no watermark here (via)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Venice preview - TDG related articles - LGBT issues

...This year’s winner of the Oscar for Best Actor, Eddie Redmayne, will be on the Lido with new film The Danish Girl. After his remarkable transformation into the disabled Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, his performance as Lili Elbe, one of the first recipients of gender-reassignment surgery, is likely to be one of the festival’s biggest talking points. It should also ensure the young Briton is a strong contender for the festival’s Volpi Cup for acting....

 #Venezia72 work is in progress (x)  -  Installations. The Sun Finally ...(x) (x)

If you are ready to let #Venezia72 get at your front door, then check out @venice_salaweb.
You will not be in Venezia but want to watch movies? Here's the whole EsternoNotte program Actors play trans in search of Oscars
Article about 'The Danish Girl' and 'About Ray', with a description of Lili's backstory and Out interview quotes. Intelligent approach of the transgender issues by a trans woman author rserven.
"I do get the point about the inappropriateness of using trans people who have already transitioned to portray transgender people who are just transitioning. But everyone knows the real reason to use cisgender people to play transgender people in films is the ability to use name actors in the cast in hopes of a bigger payday and more awards."

"...On top of practically dripping with talent, being an ultimate fashion icon, and having the most beautifully freckled 
face in history, Ed has now spoken out in support of Caitlyn Jenner and even had the guts to admit that he held 
some serious misconceptions about the trans* community in the past..."

Indiewire: 'About Ray' Director Gaby Dellal Ignites Controversy With Very Problematic Interview
...Gaby Dellal gave an interview to Refinery29 about the upcoming "About Ray," an inter-generational story focusing on a transgender boy (Elle Fanning) and his supportive mother (Noami Watts) and grandmother (Susan Sarandon). And unlike a recent interview in which Eddie Redmayne (who plays a transgender woman in another fall release, "The Danish Girl") offered thoughtful and respectful words on the community he's representing, Dellal presented herself quite problematically...

RESPECTFUL PORTRAYAL: The real Lili Elbe and Eddie Redmayne as Elbe 
for The Danish Girl location filming in Copenhagen (source: bespokeredmayne)

bespokeredmayne: It’s clear that what the filmmakers and stars say about this sudden spate of LGBT films is going to be reviewed as intensely as the films themselves. This is a good example, and Eddie Redmayne receives a thumbs-up for his recent Out Magazine interview about The Danish Girl.

Note: One of my Italian Redmayniac friends invited me to Venice to the Premiere. I can go, because Venice is not too far from where I live, so I hope that everything will be alright and finally I can meet Eddie. Root for me!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Second day of filming Fantastic Beasts - Fogler time 18th August

Fanmade picture from twitter

Dan Fogler continued his funny twitter chat with fans on Tuesday night. Here are a few project related tweets.

A sneak-peek of Jacob's
appearance (video)

A few supporting cast members

Constructions at Leavesden Studios for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ (x)

Playbill: "Harry Potter" Movie Sequel Begins Filming With Broadway Stars
hypable: The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ cast and everything we know about them
mugglenet: Muggles Debriefed Their First Day on the “Fantastic Beasts'” Set
Video: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them production begins - Collider

Eddie Redmayne sighting in London:

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2015 - Eddie's done it again :)

He accepted Renée Zellweger's challenge.

Hey there, it's Eddie Redmayne here, and it is cold, and it is dark, and it is raining, which means that it is 
August in London. ALS, or Motor Neuron Disease as we call it here in London, is of course incredibly 
close tu my heart. And so you can donate by going there to or here. And ... here we go.

Oooh, yes! That's what I'm talking about! I nominate Felicity Jones and Charlie Cox. And I'm really cold.

Renée was supporting the Golden West Chapter of The ALS Association, who are the American equivalent of the 
MND Association. She was challenged by her longtime friend Nanci Ryder who is living with ALS, and called out 
for her English pals Eddie Redmayne and Colin Firth to take part too! 

MND Assocation: Many thanks from the Motor Neurone Disease Association to our supporter Eddie Redmayne 
for doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for the second year running!
To support Eddie and donate, visit If you're in the UK, text ICED55 £5 to 70070. 
Thank you for your support!