Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wonderful video essay about Newt Scamander the hero and fanmade clip

Newt Scamander, protagonist of the Harry Potter spinoff, is an unconventional male hero. He performs
a refreshingly atypical form of masculinity, especially for the lead in a fantasy adventure story.

...He is strongly opposed to segregation, discriminatory laws, capital punishment, and other violence
committed in the name of justice. Newt’s truly special gift is not his magic, it’s his empathy.
 This type of quiet sensitive masculinity is so out of the ordinary for a leading man that I wasn’t
terribly surprised to see a number of movie reviewers turned off by his character.
 The New York Post said Newt was “not a very engaging lead.” MTV said he lacks “depth,”
“soul,” and a “coherent personality.” The Village Voice went so far as to say he seemed “
physically ill” much of the time. Slate felt he was “a little boring.” Both Slate and The NEW
Republic lamented that the character “tamped down” Eddie Redmayne’s charisma. The NEW
Republic also expressed shock at his leading man status saying he’s so “good-hearted, simple and
nondescript that it’s sort of crazy that he’s going to be the centerpiece” of a five film franchise.

You can read the full transcript here

Fanmade videoclip by Alysha478: Newt Scamander - It's time 
(Love it <3)

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Monday, May 29, 2017

BTS of Nick Wilson's photoshoot for GQ Men of the Year October 2013

"The thing about acting is that it’s something I did as a kid, but I never thought I could do it 
seriously. Then suddenly it’s your career but you still feel like a 15-year-old messing around 
after school. There is a Peter Pan thing going on." - Eddie Redmayne

Friday, May 26, 2017

Early Man - volunteers wanted for voice recording, distribution, release dates

Bristol Post: How you can star in Aardman’s new film alongside 
Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams
(And you won't even have to leave Bristol!)
Aardman are looking for a crowd of 1,000 Bristolians to take part in a special event
at the Memorial Stadium this summer, to record audio which will be used in the film.
Due to the vocal range needed for the record, they are only looking for volunteers
that are over 18. As well as audio, you may also be photographed and filmed taking
part in this session for the film’s behind-the-scenes footage. - full article - Read more

Variety reported, that Lionsgate has acquired U.S. rights to 
Aardman Studios’ upcoming prehistoric comedy adventure 
“Early Man,” starring Eddie Redmayne.

earlymanmovie: Dug and Hognob have spotted a US release date on the horizon!
Early Man will be coming to US theatres on February 16th 2018, 
courtesy of @lionsgate !

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer made the announcement during
Thursday’s  earnings call with Wall Street analysts.
“Early Man” opens in the U.K. on Jan. 26. 

There was a crew screening of some brilliant shots from Early Man movie on 10th May. 

Will Becher tweeted: So many talented people making this movie
(which, by the way, is looking phenomenal!).

Aardman co.founder Peter Lord said at FMX in Stuttgart: “… this has a lovely
cast of characters, but when you see them lined up, your first impression is:
‘What a bunch of idiots.’ They all have that crazy look of Wallace, each one
crazier than the next. The great thing about Nick is he just goes by his instincts, and this made him laugh a lot. He’s got books full of these cavemen all hitting
each other over the head with clubs. So my job is not to advise him but just to
give him room for what he does best, which is comedy.” … (source: IndieWire)

Redmayne is repped by CAA, United Agents, Parseghian Planco and 
Untitled Entertainment.(x)

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Updated on 31 May 2017

Kinema Junpo cover - Theatre visit and Dance studio appearance

Eddie Redmayne covers Kinema Junpo magazine in Japan (June 2017)

I think the cover photo is from the Fantastic Beasts promo photoshoot 
by Victoria Will in NYC on 7th November 2016. I try to find out.
(The magazine is in Japanese, let me know if I'm wrong)


Source: Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog - related tumblr posts

She tweeted: "Just bumped, like literally, BUMPED INTO Eddie Redmayne as he was running to catch 
someone First thought: MARIUS WAKE UP"(x) "Didn't stopped him cause it was quite rude, also he was 
wearing a hat (incognito mood) and seemed to br in a rush"(x) Saw Eddie plenty of times around london! 
Like one day we share a train ride 😂 but always too shy to stop him..."(x)

Reema Mehta (@reemehta) tweeted last week:
In the following tweets she wrote: "Full disclosure: he had booked the dance studio before me and
was running late. So I went in to put my Indian dancing bells as he packed up"(x) "I was too awk
to say anything tho. Like, hi #EddieRedmayne 👋 hope you had a good practice or something "(x)

You can imagine, how intriguing was for fans, including me. I already imagined him dancing in a 
musical or in the next Fantastic Beasts movie. 

Attitude PA‏ @AttitudePerform: Sharon met Eddie Redmayne last night!
Bespokeredmayne posted on tumblr: "Dance school owner says Sharon is one of her students
who met Eddie at an unnamed event, So much for our theories about his dance training."
What was the event? A dance/theatre show (x)

I would be happy if I could read some news about his projects in the near future.
Fantastis Beasts 2 filming starts in August and nothing new about The Last Days of Night.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Artworks by innelia_drawing_

innelia_drawing_: The girl wrote to me: "I want a portrait of Eddie Redmayne! 
Can you draw?"

innelia_drawing_: The sexiest villain🔥(watercolor)

She wrote: You can always look at the water, the fire and the game of this brilliant 
actor ... Eddie Redmayne can reincarnate, it seems, in anyone. Personally, I like 
absolutely all of his images. And most of the movies with him are my favorites