Saturday, November 30, 2013

Punch in the face - gifs from Eddie's films

Here are some gifs from the film scenes of Eddie Redmayne, in which he had to punch somebody.

Like Minds - Alex punches Nigel in the film and the bts video 


Elizabeth the Golden Age (video)

Tess of the D'Urbervilles (video playlist)


Les Miserables (video)

Like Minds rehearsal gif: sirredmayne
Like Minds punch in the school ground: sylviagorgeous via Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog
Like Minds punch on the train gif is from this fanmade music video

A fan wrote this on Twitter:

Updated on 18 June 2016

Friday, November 29, 2013

Easy looks - March 2012 Photoshoot by Boo George for The Telegraph

Easy On The Eye: Eddie Redmayne models easy looks for spring ( x )
10 March 2012 Photographs, Boo George; styled by Dan May.
Eddie Redmayne - fashion's favourite pin-up - showcases the pick of spring's menswear.
Article by Sophie de Rosee: Eddie Redmayne on fashion, freckles and his modelling sideline

These are cropped images, the original photos are here

YAHOO answers reference Question ( x ):
What does the phrase "easy on the eyes" mean exactly?
Heat seeking missile asked 7 years ago
-- Nice to look at. You know, 'eye candy' 
Example: Johnny Depp, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Way
- pretty, pleasant looking...
-- Looks good. handsome, pretty, etc.
-- Good looking. Like, if someone was ugly they'd be hard to look at, hard on the eyes. But if they're attractive they're easy on the eyes meaning it doesn't hurt or bother you to look at them.
-- You know, that you enjoy looking at what or who ever it is. Do you know what "money shot" means? I'd reconsider.
-- Physically attractive.
-- pretty or handsome
-- It doesn't 'hurt' your eyes to look - so someone who is good looking
-- Anything that's pleasant to look at. Doesn't have to be a person. Anything.
-- do-able
-- it means that ur really hot or really pretty
-- it means whoever said it to u thinks u are nice to look its a big complement they r saying u r pretty.
-- adorable and attractive.....
-- Like when i think about it My eyes lower about half way and it seems like the eyes are relaxing and maybe 

thats why its called EASY on the eyes

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Eddie will be in Hong Kong next week - BAFTA mission in Asia

BAFTA to Host First Ever Events in Hong Kong
Screening, talk and masterclass to take place first week in December. New BAFTA advisory board to develop ongoing UK-Asia cultural exchange. (source)

On Tuesday 3 December Eddie Redmayne will participate in an intimate ‘Academy Circle’ event, hosted by Hong Kong actress and presenter Lisa S, at The Peninsula Hong Kong for local supporters of BAFTA’s mission in Asia. The following day, Wednesday 4 December, he will participate in an acting masterclass with students at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.
This is why he cancelled his participation in the Rainbow Trust Carol Concert.
Eddie spends a few days in Hong Kong, so he can meet his brother James, who currently lives there.

BAFTA identifies, nurtures and supports the next generation of talent through its year-round programme of learning events, alongside its internationally-renowned annual award ceremonies celebrating excellence in film, television and games. The learning programme includes masterclasses, lectures with established practitioners, ‘new talent’ initiatives and over 250 events across the UK and the USA giving the public access to a wealth of knowledge and advice. Alongside an extensive collection of online resources on BAFTA Guru, BAFTA’s online learning channel, the organisation has in recent years created one of the most developed and highly-regarded learning programmes for film, television and games in the world.

Video: BAFTA Chief Executive Amanda Berry spoke to the WSJ about her plans.

BAFTA events in Hong Kong – at a glance

Sunday 1 December
- Screening of BAFTA-nominated short films and animations
Clockenflap, Hong Kong’s Music & Arts Festival (Film Tent, West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade)
Monday 2 December
- First meeting of the BAFTA Hong Kong Advisory Board
Tuesday 3 December
- Academy Circle with Eddie Redmayne
The Peninsula Hong Kong
Wednesday 4 December
- Acting masterclass with Eddie Redmayne
Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Thanks to DammitRedmayne for the news!

LesMis junket portraits gallery

Artworks about Eddie

I found the making of video of the first picture on GOOGLE and I decided to make a post about artworks depicting Eddie. I selected a few, that I like. Most of the pictures are from the deviantART website. The creators are mostly
young artists, students and Eddie's fans.

Eddie Redmayne by Oriol Arumí (Uriolus)

Video: The making of... Eddie Redmayne

Redmayne by Lauren (tuxedos)
tuxedos: Quick painting of Eddie Redmayne to test out cs5. I got a new computer and my old program doesn't work on it so here's just a big sloppy mess as I was trying to see which brushes were nice and I actually messed with one and made it fairly similar to the one in elements 4.0. Meh. How do lip

Sloppy bleh by Lauren (tuxedos)
tuxedos: Still drawing Eddie Redmayne. He's such a great person. Well uh I kind of just gave up on this halfway through finishing it and so it's really um blotchy and I hardly touched his hair so it's all stringy and sad. Oh well. How the freaking heck do you draw swords it is literally impossible to draw straight lines. /sob

My friends, my friends by Emmi Li Lindberg (VikingSoup)
VikingSoup: don’t ask me what your sacrifice was for
The glorious Eddie Redmayne, who is the only one I ever paint nowadays. Not sorry.

Matchstick by Emmi Li Lindberg (VikingSoup)
VikingSoup: Red is my favorite color.

There's a Grief that can't be spoken by Louise (MangoSurprise)
MangoSurprise: I recently saw the film version of les miserables, and I have to say, despite being wary as I adore the stage version, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I decided to do a quick painting of eddie redmayne; his rendition of empty chairs at empty tables was brilliant. I'm thinking about possibly making it a series of portraits, continuing with perhaps eponine, jean valjean etc?

Eddie Redmayne by Cecilie Pagh (Casimira)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jonathan Ross Show - January 19, 2013

Eddie was one of the the guests of the Jonathan Ross Show aired on 
January 19, 2013
Eddie chatted to Jonathan about his role in the big screen adaptation of 
"Les Miserables" and going to school with Prince William. They talked 
about the Golden Globe Awards, Eddie’s freckles, lips and bum too.

My night with Eddie Redmayne 
Cristina Cocco on “Jonathan Ross Show” recording ( x )
Eddie’s green eyes are marked by the American jet lack ( and by 20 minutes into Ross’ clutches); He’s tired and worn-out by fortnight of events, ceremonies and awards but, as always, in spite of a plane to Berlin from there a few hours, Eddie does not deny a pleasant chat, an autograph or a photo to anyone who comes close...
During the show, Eddie is repeatedly put in difficulty by Ross that, as always, has no mercy for anyone to sit on the leather couch of the study.

Link: Kimberley Walsh talks music and marriage with Jonathan Ross

photos source: eddieredmayne.web & (the photos are cropped) & (x)
gif source
Update 21 March 2014:
Link: sirredmayne gifs

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool photoshoot by Richard Grassie from 2008 & New York Moves article

Eddie Redmayne / New York Moves, May 2008
(full article)

“They wanted me to audition for, I shit you not, a role called “The Havard Hootie”. And I read it and this guy is supposed to be incredibly good-looking, sporty, strong… I was like, guys, seriously. Probably not…[Or] the main protagonist running around pre-historic Asia in a lindcloth. And I’m like ”I’m a white, pasty English boy. Can you imagine anything more revolting than watching me run around semi-naked? But you never know.”

As for what it’s like being thrust into a constant cycle of travel and spending time in the US away from home? Redmayne seems grateful to have the opportunity to experience it in the first place.
“If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in these places and be able to go and see things, it’s great,” he says. “You get an instant insight into the reality of these towns and cities and you’re not just being a tourist.”

From filming in post-Katrina New Orleans for the upcoming The Yellow Handkerchief (“That city, I swear…it makes you think why every other city in the world doesn’t take advice. [The people] seem to have taken. The drive and humor that comes from it is a special thing. “], to visiting New York (“[It’s] a thrill. My God this tragedy and their strife from the other end, you guys are almost apathetical to how much is there. One of the luckiest things I’ve been doing is spending so much time in New York.”), to having friends involved with the upcoming presidential race in America [“It’s extraordinary for us [in the UK], because we get the news filtered through and half a day later. And I’m trying to see how this thing is swinging back and forth and how much of it now seems based on instinct, and it’s amazing to see from across the pond. Some of my friends are out there campaigning for Hillary Clinton and they’ve traveled over from the UK, speaking passionately, with a commitment and drive that is enough to encourage someone to go out and vote.”) Redmayne is clearly embracing his newfound experiences as an opportunity to not only grow in front of the camera, but to learn from the people he’s been surrounded with behind-the-scenes as well.

you can find the pics here too (1) (2) (3) (4)

Updated on 25th September 2015

BTS video of the photoshoot below

Updated on 8th June 2024