Monday, February 27, 2017

Congratulations to Colleen Atwood on winning the Oscar for Best Costume Design

This is the first Oscar win of the Harry Potter Universe.

“He’s very physical, Eddie, in how he creates the body and the movement for his clothes,” she said. “It was
really important to him that his stuff had a shape and a movement and it went with what he was doing. 
“I saw the Harry Potter films but I didn’t go back and revisit them. I didn’t really want to do that and I didn’t
really need to because it’s the world but it’s 1926. It’s a really fresh take on it.” (x) via

Newt Scamander’s blue coat
The thing is, a lot of [Newt Scamander’s] creatures had sort of luminescent color, and I wanted him to have a 
sense of being one with them, but not standing out, like he’s in some neon outfit in the middle of the street. 
I came to this blue with a lot of green in it, and it has a little bit of brown undertones. It’s an interesting blue 
because in different light, it photographs differently. I didn’t want it to pop too much, and I played with it a little bit. 
We played with the shape of it a lot, that coat, because Eddie Redmayne squats down on his case a lot, does a 
lot of up and down movement and he has a sideways gait to him that he evolved for Newt. It’s almost like an 
animal walk, in a way. I really wanted something that served him, too, and we did a lot of rehearsals with it 
to make sure it all worked for him, with his acting. - Colleen Atwood (x)

“Her enhanced versions of period clothing amplify character traits — menace, flamboyance, innocence.
That’s the costume designer’s kind of magic, a design sleight of hand that reveals secrets of personality
lurking in the cloth.” - The LA Times

BTS videos and deleted scenes will be available on the Blu-ray and DVD next month

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fantastic Beasts BTS - Eddie on the physical elements, Colleen Atwood on Newt's clothes...

"I went to safari parks to met people who deal with breathing of animals. It was interesting what
it brought, it brought physical elements to Newt. Seeing how these trackers walk trying to pursue
an animal. They have to be incredibly silent, so when they are either on the flore or walking, their
feet turn out and lift one leg and place it exactly where you want it, it's a kind of open stance.
That was something that I sort of adapted." - Eddie Redmayne

In this BTS video Eddie Redmayne talks about his preparation for the role of Newt,
the physichal elements, like the walking. Colleen Atwood costume designer on the
inspiration behind the Academy Award nominated costumes of the characters

"My first character that I designed, was Newt. I started with his movement, so everything was
designed with the character he was creating physically as well as aesthetically, but he has to
blend with the real world, so the trick of using the silhouette of the period, but sort of making
his clothes a little mismatched to sort of give a feeling of quirkiness. He's a character that
came from living in the wilderness, he adapts everything to what he needs". - Colleen Atwood

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Eddie Redmayne speaks up for Mousetrap charity

This promo film was specially made for the charity and shown in London Picturehouse Cinemas before 
Eddie’s film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Visit to find out more
The video was released on Youtube last November, but so much happened then, somehow I missed it.

"Since I was a kid, I've been truly captivated by that mystery, and that feeling of something magical about to happen, and that love of live theatre has never left me. And that is why I'm a patron of Mousetrap theatre projects. A charity that takes disadvantaged young people and those with special needs to the theatre, opening that magical world to them..."

Eddie about his life-changing theatre experience as a kid: 
'I was taken by my Mum aged about 10 to see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the National Theatre. The Robert Lepage production was all set in a muddy swamp with the lovers romping around in the sludge. Timothy Spall was playing Bottom and the most staggering contortionist was playing Puck. I remember so vividly that moment when Bottom was 'transformed'- Puck (Angela Laurier) leapt on to Bottom's back and the actresses feet became Bottom's donkey ears- alive twitching and full of character. I was transfixed. After the play, Mum and I went on the 'National Behind the scenes' tour and got to handle the props and see the costume store... I was completely mesmerized. 
That was the moment I got the bug.' (x)

Sighting in Chelsea today

Eddie was spotted by a fan in Chelsea today. He was out shopping. The fan waited for him outside the shop and got a street shot. - (source: @lucigmzb on Instagram via /bespokeredmayne)

lucigmzb: Cuándo después de comprar algo en tú tienda en la que tienes prohibido hacerte fotos, 
te vas al break y Él vuelve otra vez 🙈❤❤ #eddieredmayne

Earlier this month Eddie was spotted in the National Theatre

Thursday, February 23, 2017

TBT - Oscars 2015 ET Governor's Ball report video

 "I feel so damn thrilled to be invited to the party"

“This actually happened! Can you believe it?” Eddie Redmayne told ET’s Brooke Anderson while 
grasping his Best Actor award. “It sounds cliché, but it’s the stuff that dreams are made of, so it 
feels pretty damn thrilling.” He shared the entire experience with his bride Hannah Bagshawe. 
"I couldn’t have done it without her, We’re going to go have a really fun night.“ - Video


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