Monday, February 28, 2022

Official Trailer 2 and new poster for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Warner Bros released the second Official Trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore hits theaters on April 15, 2022.
The movie will be released on 8th April 2022 in the UK and Ireland.

New poster via eddie-redmayne-italian-blog

The release date in Hungary is 14th April 2022.
I can't wait.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

The WOS Award goes to Eddie Redmayne

The Emcee himself, Eddie Redmayne arriving at the 2022 @WhatsOnStage  Awards. 

Eddie reunited on the red carpet with his Les Miserables co-star Samantha Barks

Eponine meets Marius on the red carpet 

The WhatsOnStage Award for Best Performer in a Male Identifying Role in a Musical
goes to Eddie Redmayne. Congratulations!!!

@whatsonstage on Instagram - photo by Danny Kaan

Eddie dedicated his award to swings, alternates, understudies, and company managers. (x)

Eddie Redmayne with his WOS award for Cabaret

Video - performances, and interviews.

Recent Kit Kat Club adventures

Congratulations to Jessie Buckley who's nominated for an Oscar for her performance
in "The Lost Daughter".  Opening night curtain call video here. In the past few days,
she was missing from the Kit Kat Club and was replaced by Emily Benjamin (first cover)
and yesterday afternoon by Sally Frith (second cover).

"Imagine him to be the kindest most considerate and hard-working person you can
fathom and then multiply it by a thousand and you still wouldn't be close. The man
is a gift. He also is to blame for the addiction to Krispy Kreme donuts the whole
company now has thanks to his unfailing generosity on two-show days.
The dedication and care he brings to this part and to everything he does is
inspirational and I have learnt so so so much from him that it blows my mind."

Emily Benjamin answered questions in her Instagram stories and this is what
she wrote about what it's like working with Eddie. She played Sally Bowles
from February 18 for about a week, then Sally Frith debuted in the role
Saturday afternoon. Jessie Buckley returned for the second show.

@jasmine61686522 on Twitter went to the club on 19th February

Josh Horowitz tweeted on 24th February: "Saw CABARET last night in London.
Eddie Redmayne is fantastic as the Emcee. A much different take than I’d ever
seen. And the production is top notch. Hopefully one day it will come to the
states. Sad I missed Jessie Buckley but Emily Benjamin filled in very well."

An unexpected meeting of @gwen_viplivephotos with Eddie in London. (x)

@cathktgn met Eddie Saturday afternoon. "...It's always nice when the people you admire
turn out to be the kind and down to earth human beings you imagine them to be.
Thank you for your kindness Eddie, can't wait to see the play on Monday!"
she wrote in her Instagram post.

Eddie met people at the Kit Kat Club yesterday (Feb.26,2022). In between the two
performances, he came out to take photos with everyone and sign autographs. (x)

"...He's a really lovely person, who took the time to chat with the fans. A real Hufflepuff!"
(translated from French) - Her vlog is here

@summer.swain on Instagram: "An Unforgettable day ❤️ What a man ๐Ÿ™Œ..."

I'm looking forward to this night's WOS Awards where Eddie is nominated
in the Best Performer in a Male Identifying Role in a Musical category.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

First Secrets Of Dumbledore character posters have been released!

Eddie Redmayne is Newt

The first Secrets Of Dumbledore character posters have been released!

The second trailer for the movie will be released on Thursday
24th February, which is Newt Scamander's birthday.

Note: Where is Tina Goldstein?
I assume her appearance in the movie would spoil a plotline they want
to keep in secret.  That's why she's missing from the promo. We'll see.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Janet Jackson at the Kit Kat Club


Janet Jackson posted on Twitter: “Great meeting and chatting with u #EddieRedmayne!
You were incredible, can’t wait to see it again ๐Ÿ–ค" 

She visited the Kit Kat Club yesterday.
Here she is with the cast members of  'Cabaret'!

"Each and every cast member of Cabaret was just AMAZING! @kitkatclubLDN ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ–ค"

A photo posted by Christopher Tendai on Instagram

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Trailer for Cabaret in the making - fan encounters at the Kit Kat Club


"Eddie - TWICE IN A WEEK!"
"Just met #eddieredmayne whilst we sit in the audience for filming
the #kitkatclub #cabaret promo video"
Posted by Nicholas Anderton Franklin on Facebook and Instagram.

In another post, he wrote: "...Time to enter The KIT KAT CLUB for a 2nd
time this week………..But this time it’s - LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION!
- For the Promo Film for Oscar Winner Eddie Redmayne & Oscar Nominee
Jessie Buckey - I could literally burst! 
X50 years to the week the film with Liza was released."

Their meeting with Eddie is not a coincidence this time. There's
a shoot of a promo/trailer for Cabaret today. I can't wait to see it.

They also met Eddie on Saturday. Nicholas posted on Facebook:
"Hmmmmmm……. Champagne & KIT KAT CLUB COCKTAILS for
Valentine’s weekend…… #KITKATCLUBHANGOVER! Can’t recommend
this experience enough. If you are having the dinner show & drinks you can
enter the Club from 6pm & take in the theatre which has become a bougie,
hedonistic palace of debauchery with performers/musicians on bar tops,
hanging from balconies, phoning your personal table phone and being
pretty filthy(!)…. Then dinner and champagne. Oh - and Eddie Redmayne
and Jessie Buckley sat x2 feet away singing directly at you! Go Go Go!!!!!"

More recent encounters

Amy @amycostello96 met Eddie after the show on 29th January

Samuel @samuelnh2012 posted on Instagram
Eddie Redmayne - Cabaret - Playhouse Theatre - London - 9/02/22

@gaygrandadsgalavanting met Eddie on Saturday 12nd February
and posted on Instagram: "...Wow what an incredible experience. From the
moment you step into the theatre and a sticker is put over your phone camera
you are transported back to the Kit Kat club in the 1930s. I don’t want to give
any spoilers but if you have tickets you are in for a treat. So much happens
before you even go in to watch the show. A truly immersive experience.
Eddie Redmayne is outstanding. We were also lucky enough to bump into him
outside the theatre. What a nice guy stopping to give a few autographs.
I want to go back……."

The talented artist @shr_burg on Twitter went to see Cabaret and sent a present
a photo book with her paintings to Eddie. He said Thank You in an email. (source)
Her paintings are beautiful. I already made a post about them.
Check more of her works here

@estellejachimiak posted on Instagram yesterday: "A fantastic meeting ๐Ÿ˜"
Eddie at the Kit Kat Club with her 7 years old son dressed up like Newt.

Update with more encounters:

Birthday treat for Jevi. Eddie Redmayne as a gift. (source)

Artur Jabล‚oński posted on Instagram (quote translated from Polish):
"...Eddie Redmayne plays the role of Emcee in "Cabaret". This version is
PHENOMENAL and I would recommend it to anyone who likes musicals.
While art is art, I was going mainly for Eddie. He's of course, fantastic
in the role. I really wanted to meet him after the performance, and this is
not the case now - you know, restrictions and limitations.
Eddie turned out to be exactly what I had hoped he would be: warm, polite,
patient with the fans, and very sweet. Newt Scamander - by the way, one of the
most interesting characters in the entire Potter universe - could not be different!"

@saralias47 posted on Instagram: "Musical Marathon - Cabaret with
Eddie Redmayne, Moulin Rouge, and Life of Pi! Highly recommend all 3!"

Look who visited the Kit Kat Club! Newt's indispensable assistant Bunty!
Victoria Yeates posted on Instagram on Monday 21st Feb.