Friday, March 4, 2016

New OMEGA Advert video with Eddie

Our Oscar-winning ambassador brings his flair for fashion to the cobbled streets of London.
And in every frame, his OMEGA timepiece perfectly matches his quintessential English style.
Keep an eye out for the OMEGA Globemaster, the De Ville Trésor and the Speedmaster
Dark Side of the Moon "Sedna Black".

my screenshots (x) click for full size

The advertising campaign, which also debuted online today, is decidedly British, thanks to the celebrated actor’s roots from across the pond. “It was incredibly rainy in London, but apparently not rainy enough,” Mr. Redmayne said of the day spent on set filming the moody new Globemaster campaign. “I remember they had rain machines as well to make it a real convincing rain. It was a tiny little alley in Primrose Hill, and I was wearing shoes that were new, and I kept falling down those steps, so there was a health hazard while we were making that. There was quite a lot of blue steel going on. I’m slightly embarrassed by that!” - read more in the Observer article here.

I already posted the video and some of these pics in my previous post about the Omega launch event on Wednesday, but I think better to post this separately, so I moved them here complemented with a few more captures.

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