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TBT - MWWM New York Premiere October 9, 2011

My Week With Marilyn had its world premiere at the New York film festival at Alice Tully Hall, 
Lincoln Center in NYC. The film screened on 9 October 2011 as its Centrepiece event. (x)(x)

Eddie Redmayne and Michelle Williams at the My Week with Marilyn premiere NYFF 2011
October 9, 2011 - HQ photos: hope72

Redmayne, who plays Clark, the young production assistant who develops a relationship with 
Marilyn, mused on the unique glimpse that the narrative gives of the “real” Marilyn. “Because 
there is so much footage, and there is so much written about her, and everyone has an opinion 
on her,” said the actor, “I think the important thing is how many different sides to her she had, 
and that she was always playing, on many levels, what she thought the world wanted from her. 
She was so multifaceted and versatile, and ultimately, I think perhaps that was one of her 
tragedies—her lack of a strong sense of self. I think that’s what will be interesting [about the 
story]. Not only does Michelle re-create formidably her ebullience and lightness, but you also 
see this other side of her.” (source: Vogue)

source: mirrormirror

Short appearance at 0:22 and interview at 2:00

“…I had no idea how extraordinary she was, until I started watching her films, which was
one of the great things, that this film did to me.” - Eddie Redmayne on Marilyn Monroe

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