Monday, September 4, 2017

New fan selfie - a fangirl's adventures with Eddie

Andini posted this new selfie with Eddie Redmayne today on tumblr and Instagram.

She wrote:
Just got off the same bus as Eddie Redmayne! Please excuse
my disheveled appearance as I was not expecting to take a
selfie today and it was so nice of him to agree to one!

Andiniria is a Fashion blogger & professional fangirl. 
I remembered her face, so I checked her accounts for 
her earlier photos with Eddie. Here they are:

To the right Andini's collage, she made for Eddie's 34th
Birthday from her selfies (x)

Thanks a lot to her for posting these wonderful photos.
Check her great blogtumblr and Instagram account!

October 25, 2015: with Eddie and Alicia Vikander - TDG press junket

December 9, 2014 (2) (3) ... annual pic together at
The Theory of Everything London Premiere

April 14, 2014: on the way to the tube station.
December 5, 2012 Les Miserables London Premiere
December 2011 Donmar Warehouse Richard II.
She wrote: "My favourite redhead"... 

2009  (2) Donmar Warehouse 'Red'


  1. Ermm, sorry, but what does a 'professional fangirl' means?

    1. This is how she described herself in her Instagram profile. Probably she spends a lot of time fangirling around London, goes to theater and events to meet the stars. She has many selfies not only with Eddie, buth with her other favorites as well.

    2. Ohh so basically like a groupie (sort of)

      Thanks for the answer Jutka


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