Saturday, May 25, 2019

Eddie in Rome Italy this weekend 24-25 May, 2019

@michelerossiflenghi met Eddie Redmayne yesterday in Rome at the 'Cimitero Acattolico' 
('Non-Catholic Cemetery', also known as 'Protestant Cemetery' or 'Englishmen's Cemetery')

Simona @saimon80 also posted a photo with him yesterday.

@veroangeli91 posted this photo on Instagram today. My translation of her caption:
I am still confused and I don't know what happened in the last quarter of an hour.
I only know that he is very tall and really shines with his own light. I'm super happy
❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to @alessandro_foa (probably he took the photo)
She met Eddie at Piazza del Pigneto. He left towards Termini.

Eddie's proposal to Hannah was five years ago. He asked the
question when they spent a weekend in Italy in May 2014.
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