Sunday, November 8, 2020

Video by Boo George photographer for Style Magazine Italia


Thanks to Boo George photographer who posted on his Instagram
a beautiful new video he did of Eddie Redmayne recently.

This was a photoshoot for Style Magazine Italia
The video is here

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

A film I did of Eddie Redmayne recently

Boo George (@boo_george_studio) által megosztott bejegyzés,


  1. Seriously, why isn't Eddie wearing his ring anymore?

    1. The last time I saw his ring on his finger was on the photos of Zoe Kravitz's wedding on 29 June 2019, and on an Omega advert photo in December. I don't know why he doesn't wear it, I can only guess. Maybe he keeps it on a safe place when he's shooting a movie. He lost his first ring during the filming of The Danish Girl.


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