Thursday, September 2, 2021

New photo - shopping in Malton


Eddie in Food 2 Remember in Malton (Yorkshire, England)
Looking good Mr. Redmayne  😍

Food2Remember posted today on Twitter and Instagram: "Nice
to see this great bloke here at Food 2 Remember in this morning"

'Eddie Redmayne was among the first through the door at
Food 2 Remember in Malton at about 9am today (September 2)
where father and son team, Paul and Kieran Potts were behind
the counter serving customers in their well-known local
butcher and fish mongers.

Paul said at first he didn't recognize the star, but his son was quicker
off the mark. He said: "I was talking to him and didn't know who
he was, but Kieran realized and asked if he'd mind having a photo.

"He was really nice and down to earth, he didn't say why he was
in Malton, but he bought some chicken before he went. I think
he was interested in the fact that all our food is locally sourced."'

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