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The Aeronauts - Eddie said: "We start shooting in the summer..."

During his Early Man promo trip in NYC Eddie did some press. In the interviews 
he was also asked about his other projects, the Fantastic beasts sequels and 
'The Aeronauts' Here are some exciting news and quotes about the latter:

Amazon Studios’ hot air balloon adventure The Aeronauts starring Eddie Redmayne
and Felicity Jones soared at the EFM last month where the company locked pre-sales 
across most of the world. Tom Harper directs from a screenplay by Jack Thorne
about a scientist who partners with a wealthy widow on an expedition to fly
higher than anyone has gone before. - read more

pic source: dailyfelicityjones

During the exclusive interview for COLLIDER Eddie was asked if there's any truth
to the talk, that he might do 'The Aeronauts with Tom Harper and Felicity Jones.  
 "That is actually true." - said Eddie. "We start shooting in the summer and it was a
script that came out of the blue that just completely floored me. I found it incredibly
moving, incredibly original, and a film of wonder. When I heard that Felicity was
being offered the other part, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity because
I just adore working with her, and we challenge each other. It was a no brainer really."

When the interviewer deduced that they want to be the British Ryan Gosling and Emma
Stone, Eddie laughed and said: "I don’t know about that. I’m a huge fan - I do go and
see every film with Ryan and Emma. No, it’s just interesting. You work the lots of
different people over your career and lots of people have different processes, and some
processes are quite different to yours and challenge you in different ways. That can be
easy or complicated or difficult, and great things can arise from all of those, but when
you find someone who has the same way of approaching material, it’s a really lovely
thing. Also, knowing that when we worked together last time it went well, we want to
try and push ourselves to super succeed that and who knows if we will, but it also
comes with- the stakes are higher. That makes you work harder."

about working together on the set of TToE - croquet scene

When he was asked about, how he knows that that's the thing he wants to make, when he
reads a script, he answered:  "Normally, because there is a slightly sick feeling that comes
over your stomach when you go from reading the piece as an objective piece to trying to
work out how you’re going to do it. That’s the sort of slight sick feeling- when you’re like,
“oh, I’d love to see someone else do this!” and then you’re like, “oh, maybe I should.”
It really tends to be a slight thing of nausea because you’re trying to work out how you’re
going to go about it, what that means for your life, where you’re going to have to travel to.
It all comes in this huge rush. Normally, it doesn’t tend to be, for me, a moment of great
excitement, it tends to be a moment of nausea. [laughs]"

pic source: dailyfelicityjones

Eddie confirmed the news first in the latest fan interview via conference call
(sort of a tradition). Thanks to Charlotte (and Maria) for organizing and transcribing
the full interview. You find her wonderful post on BespokeRedmayne here.

"I am so excited for it. I just found it the most beautiful script. It’s got this sort of epic
scale to it, and yet it’s also a deeply intimate two-hander. And I’m so excited to work
with Felicity again. I’m looking forward to where you can really mine every element.
That being said, a lot of the film is in an air balloon — it’s two people in a balloon —
so I think there’s going to be effects and all that sort of stuff. We’ll see how we go
about shooting it. But I’m incredibly excited about what the script is. It’s by a
brilliant man called Jack Thorne and directed by Tom Harper, who I think has such
vision. I really hope it ends up being a special piece. And I think I’ve spoken to you
guys about it before, but the thing you react to in a script is how it makes you feel,
and when I read this script, it just felt unlike anything I’d ever seen."

When Eddie was asked in the BuzzFeed interview about the last book he read he answered:
"A book called Falling Upwards. It’s about the history of air balloon flight, which is excellent."
In the interesting video below Richard Holmes the author speaks about the highs and lows
of ballooning in his book, Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air.

In his book, Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air, Richard Holmes approaches the
history of ballooning as a biographer would—focusing on the balloonists themselves. He
uncovers stories of the personalities drawn to ballooning: the exhibitionists, the scientists
and the escapists. He talks here about the array of human stories he's uncovered in balloon
history. Read more about ballooning in this Chemical Heritage Magazine article here ...

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