Friday, March 30, 2018

Like Minds production stills by Sam Oster (2004)

Sam Oster was the production photographer of the movie, filmed partly in Australia in 2004-2005. 
She published photos of Eddie Redmayne on her website as part of her portfolio.
Silvertrace provides unique photography services across South Australia, Australia.


@silvertracer on IG (14.Jan.2015): My headshot shoot of acclaimed actor Eddie Redmayne shot 
on B&W film in 2004. I was the stills photographer on a film he did with Toni Collette and on the 
day we shot this he had a black eye from one of the scenes. We didn't have time to get him out 
of makeup and wardrobe for these shots so we just went with it. Lovely guy, extremely talented 
and genuine. He just won a Golden Globe award for 'The Theory of Everything". Wow.

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