Sunday, September 18, 2016

Russian Psychologies Magazine cover and interview

There's an interesting Eddie Redmayne interview in the Russian magazine's 2016 September issue:
Eddie Redmayne: “I’m boring. What’s interesting is what’s around me”
Thanks to Ieva, who translated the long article to English.
You can read the full interview in her new blog here

Виктория Белопольская (Victoria Belopolyskaya) talked to Eddie
in London a few days before his daughter Iris was born in June.

For the cover they used a beautiful photo from 
the 'Hick' Portrait Session at TIFF 2011 (x)
London Magazine used a photo from the same 
Quote from the interview:

ER: I’ve never been so eager to meet a woman in my life! I’ve already in love with her! You know, I’m afraid of becoming this crazy father who terrorises his daughter with attention; however, all signs are pointing towards that. With her birth, everything, absolutely everything is going to change.

Psychologies: And what is exactly going to change? You’ve already got your life sorted—you’ve got your career. You’ve got an Oscar for ‘The Theory of Everything’, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, theatrical awards: Tony and Olivier. You’ve already got a name. What could she change? She may make your life more beautiful, fuller but changing it?

ER:.. I think she’s going to change me. She’s going to be the centre of it all. I’m going to be responsible for her, at least to a certain moment in her life, as a parent. All of my responsibilities so far have been professional and social in nature, yet this is going to be something imparted by the nature itself. I’ve been longing for that kind of responsibility. And I’m going to be less afraid.

Psychologies: You? Afraid?

ER: Yes, I’m afraid. I’m afraid before the shooting and during it. Trembling. Not a long a time ago I could burst into tears after reading a harsh review. And it had nothing to do with being a perfectionist or worshipping success. But I’m afraid, true. I’m afraid of not performing well enough, of not getting to the point where I can say: yeah, that’s it. In movies, you’ve only got a certain amount of hours to get it right, and you can’t change anything, and that’s what terrifies me the most. It’s probably something to do with the fact that I don’t have professional drama education and natural defence mechanisms that it imparts. I’m an art historian and basically came to the profession straight from amateur theatre.

Excellent interview, make sure you read the rest of it here

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