Thursday, December 20, 2018

Japan press day photos, interview quotes

“...what you can learn from Newt is to have a "sympathetic mind". He finds a good side 
for any human being and beast, trying to understand without criticism. Why does this 
person take such action? "Empathy mind" is necessary in modern society, trying to 
understand someone without prejudice.” (my favorite quote translated from Japanese)

Photo via @THEFASHIONPOST on Twitter

“She’s fantastic. There are occasional moments when Hannah and I are both out of the
room and we get a glimpse of Iris entertaining Luke, No one makes him laugh as much as
she does. You can’t quite believe it. Like, these humans are interacting [by themselves],
so that’s been pretty special.” - Eddie told People Magazine on his daughter

Source: @mrsmaisels on Twitter

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