Friday, February 19, 2021

New video for charity - Eddie on the turning point of his career in 2003

In this new video, Eddie shares a turning point in his career where times were tough, but
Phil Willmott & Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres were able to lend a hand.

"The turning point of my career was in 2003. I was working in a pub. Had been
for months and completely failing I was flunking auditions, getting pretty shoddy
feedback, and beginning to lose faith. And then someone took a risk on me.
That person was Phil Willmott, and it was for a play called Master Harold and
the Boys, by Athol Fugard. It was being done at the Liverpool Everyman.
The Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse, the artistic director was Gemma
Bodinetz. That whole experience was just, it was mind-blowing for me.
It was filled and teaming with creative people doing brilliant things. I loved
the play and I began to have a bit more faith in myself. I am forever grateful to
those people and to the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse for that experience."

On March 16 2020 Theatres were first into lockdown & will be the last to reopen.
Thousands cannot do the jobs and many have fallen through the cracks.
It’s a challenging time for theatre actors. Eddie encourages you to visit the website
of the Theatre Artists Fund if as an actor you’re in urgent need or you want to help.

Thank You!

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