Saturday, April 23, 2016

For the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death - Twelfth Night gifs

To celebrate the great playwright I made new gifs from the video can be found on Youtube (from the program
"In Search of Shakespeare" Ep.3.). Eddie Redmayne made his professional stage debut as Viola in the 400th anniversary Globe Theatre production of Twelfth Night in 2002.

VIOLA: It gives a very echo to the seat Where Love is throned.
DUKE ORSINO: Thou dost speak masterly: My life upon't, young though thou art, thine eye Hath stay'd upon some favour that it loves: Hath it not, boy?
VIOLA: A little, by your favour.
DUKE ORSINO: What kind of woman is't?
VIOLA: Of your complexion.
DUKE ORSINO: She is not worth thee, then. What years, i' faith?
VIOLA: About your years, my lord.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

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