Sunday, April 3, 2016

Eddie & Hannah in Paris plus candid photos taken last month in Staffordshire and LA

slavi_paris: #Eddieredmayne With his Wife #Metroparis - Sunday 3 April 2016 Paris

Update 4 April: fabienbom: Paparazzi/fan/romantic time with Eddie Redmayne 😎
Check the tumblr posts link for the latest updates!
Tumblr posts - Eddie and Hannah in Paris

I didn't posted yet the photo taken last Saturday at the Sandon point to point races, here it is

judie_cutting: Look who was at our point to point today in deep conversation with Tash C-M (26 March)

I found some candid photos on Instagram. One of the guests of the Sunset Tower Hotel LA posted them on 24 March, but she didn't confirm when they were taken. I think this was before Eddie and Hannah flew to Japan.
casstlane: Behold, Eddie Redmayne standing next to an empty chair and empty table. 
I feel a song coming on 🎶 ‘There’s a grief that can’t be spoken…’

What made me think this was taken at the beginning of March? Let’s take a little closer look to the up left photo. 

I think the man on the right is Eddie’s father Richard Redmayne. Photos from March 1 2016 here

The next photo was taken a month ago in Los Angeles

Eddie and Hannah picked up meds at the local pharmacy in Malibu (x)
March 1, 2016 - 2 more photos here (via Cris)

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