Saturday, April 2, 2016

TToE and TDG bts photos from Jan Sewell makeup artist's Instagram account

Jan sewell is an excellent makeup artist who worked on Eddie's projects multiple times. She was a member of Lisa Westcott's  team on Les Miserables and she was the makeup and hair designer in 'The Theory of Everything' and 'The Danish Girl' (source: IMDB). Here are a few pictures from her Instagram. I already reblogged these on tumblr from bespokeredmayne who already posted them last week but I think they cannot be missed from here either.

 jansewell1: Day one shooting on The Theory of Everything in Cambridge. I had 3 looks on Eddie.
...Young, walking with sticks and paralysed in a wheelchair... Slept well that night!

jansewell1: Wonderful photo by the talented Liam Daniel

jansewell1: Photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz
 jansewell1: I don't think people realise that Eddie is 6ft tall, I'm 5ft 2ins...
So always looking for a step! (filming of 'The Danish Girl' in Brussels)

jansewell1: Small encapsulated silicone eye pieces on lid and under Eddie's left eye.
Made by Kristyan Mallett applied by me. Blood made by David Stoneman,
PPI Illustrator palette for bruising and texture...

jansewell1: At the Royal Academy of Arts (Copenhagen)
"I am a huge fan of Cosmetics a la Carte used their eyeshadows and lipsticks on Eddie.
They have a wonderful lip colour 'Tomato' which I used when he wore the red wig.
I use a wax based foundation by Le Maquillage, I have put my own colours together
in a palette.. Looks beautiful on HD."

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Update 11st May 2016:

Although I didn't find her name on IMDB 
among the crew of Jupiter Ascending, 
but she worked on that project as well. 

She posted this on Instagram:
jansewell1: Two make-ups designed by 
the wonderful Jeremy Woodhead for 
Jupiter Ascending, 
executed by me. 
Full bald caps front edge finish under 
the eyebrows, make-up air brushed on.

I asked her if she was there in Bilbao as well 
and I'm waiting for her answer. I think she was, 
but I'm not sure. 

jansewell1: Super talented director James March with Eddie
Redmayne while shooting The Theory of Everything

Updated: June 9, 2017

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