Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fantastic Beasts BTS - Eddie on the physical elements, Colleen Atwood on Newt's clothes...

"I went to safari parks to met people who deal with breathing of animals. It was interesting what
it brought, it brought physical elements to Newt. Seeing how these trackers walk trying to pursue
an animal. They have to be incredibly silent, so when they are either on the flore or walking, their
feet turn out and lift one leg and place it exactly where you want it, it's a kind of open stance.
That was something that I sort of adapted." - Eddie Redmayne

In this BTS video Eddie Redmayne talks about his preparation for the role of Newt,
the physichal elements, like the walking. Colleen Atwood costume designer on the
inspiration behind the Academy Award nominated costumes of the characters

"My first character that I designed, was Newt. I started with his movement, so everything was
designed with the character he was creating physically as well as aesthetically, but he has to
blend with the real world, so the trick of using the silhouette of the period, but sort of making
his clothes a little mismatched to sort of give a feeling of quirkiness. He's a character that
came from living in the wilderness, he adapts everything to what he needs". - Colleen Atwood

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