Sunday, February 5, 2017

Eddie about his patronus test - Apple Store Q&A - 9. Nov. 2016.

I already made a post about the Fabtastic Beasts Apple Store Q&A last November, but I think there are a lot more worth to post about it. In this part Eddie Redmayne talked about his Pottermore patronus test.

I also did the patronus test. Have you guys done that? So I did the patronus test, and 
it was the first time the patronus test have been done, and they wanted to film me doing 
it twice to go on Pottermore, and I did it once and I got my patronus, which was 
- Ezra: Come on! 
- No, no, no. I was so excited about. They said to me - there was no way, when 
I did it second time would ever be the same again, because the algorithm is like 
eight gazillions of these... so it never happen again. And I got the same one twice. 
- Ezra: Come on! 

- It was...I can't remember, I can't... 
suddenly I can't remember the name of the dog. 
- Alison: Was it a Beagle? - No. 
- Dan: Was a Basset Hound 

- A Basset Hound! The sweetest freaking dog in the World! 
 - Ezra: That make so much sense.

- I was so happy. And because he came on screen and he was like
... sort of slightly dopey, like just a made me really happy. 
- Ezra: Such a Basset Hound, it's awsome.

 - I don't know, but I'm thrilled that I am.

My screenshots from the full video. (click for full size)

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