Thursday, February 2, 2017

2013 Rally Against Cancer celebrity tennis match - my new gifs

I made a few new gifs from the event's video for TBT

Tennis event at the Queen’s Club in London, to raise money 
for the Royal Marsden Hospital, June 16, 2013 
“It was one of the most humiliating moments of my whole life but wildly entertaining 
at the same time” - Eddie Redmayne said on being on court with Andy Murray (x)

 "I wish I had some sporting talent. I have this family of brothers who are incredibly sporty and 
deeply talented and I’m not. I used to play quite a lot of tennis and I was ok. And then I was 
invited to do a charity tennis match with Andy Murray and Tim Henman. And I knew that if 
my brothers knew I’d been invited and had said no… if I’d had the opportunity of playing with 
Andy Murray and turned it down? So I went and did it and I realized as I came down that if you do 
a charity tennis match you either have to be funny or talented. If you’re neither, you’re screwed. 
So I proceeded to humiliate myself massively, but it was quite funny." - Eddie Redmayne (x)

Eddie's family owned a holiday home in France. There was plenty for everyone to do there
- it came complete with tennis courts and swimming pool, as well as its own vineyard. (x)

To entertain the audience Eddie decided to humiliate himself, however some moments of 
the match reveald, that he's a decent tennis player. Look at this serve! (Always so modest)

He was quite ripped, the event was at the time of filming Jupiter Ascending

Charity for health
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