Saturday, February 4, 2017

Portrait painted with coffee by Nuria Salcedo

 Original illustration of Eddie Redmayne done with coffee and brown pencil 
on Canson paper (29,7x42)

Coffee On Instagram: Nuria Salcedo of @nuriamarq 
… Using coffee as paint, Salcedo creates intricate illustrations, many of them portraits.
Her feed is full of beautiful works of art and serves as proof that coffee is a complex,
unique product whose worth goes beyond just a drink. - read more about the artist here

nuriamarq: Sketch ✔ Coffee ✖. Let’s do it!💪☕  (1) (2)

Reference - photo Time Magazine 2014 October

Personal note: In my third year at the University in 1982, when we didn’t work on PC yet, we used ink and paper, I also used coffee (and tea) for painting the shadows on the facade plans of my public building design project, It looked great on aquarelle paper.

New candid photo of Eddie here
Oscar winning Hollywood film star Eddie Redmayne was spotted shopping in Leek on Saturday
Updated on 6th February, 2017

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