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Eton College Chronicle - Eddie related articles and photos from the archive

Thanks to a recent fundraising project, copies of The Chronicle dating from 1863 to 2000 have now been 
digitised! (x) There are a lot of interesting things about Eddie Redmayne in the issues from his time in Eton
I start with two artworks by him from 1998.

Charlie Chaplin portrait (Nov.1998 No. 4017) and artwork (June 1998 No. 4015)

Miss Atkinson has been responsible for the pottery area of the Drawing Schools... Her friendly and welcoming manner in the studios stimulated commitment among her pupils and she encouraged the production of large
and ambitious pieces of work.... (June 1998 No. 4015)

Artworks by the young Eddie Redmayne in No. 4015 and No. 4017 (click for full size)

The first report I found, praised Eddie's performance in the solo singing competition
" the broken voice competition, F-blocker Edward Redmayne, singing the moving ‘Why God?’
from Miss Saigon’ stole the show (pun intended)..." (October 1995 No. 3999)

"...a fine performance of David Hare's Pravda, managed to bring home the cynical truth. The tale of Lambert La Rue and his manipulation of the staid British media system was brilliantly performed by Mr. Robinson's well balanced and talented cast....a depth of acting strength apparent in the lower blocks of the Timbralls bodes well for the future..."
Review: Pravda JRC House Play (February 1997 No. 4009) -  my old post with photos from the play

"...Tbe Summer Half traditionally plays host to a hotly contested and highly entertaining Woodwind Competition. And this year was no exception. The intermediate competition was a closely fought affair, with Oliver Paterson finally taking the honours, with a movement from Crusell's B flat Concerto. Eddie Redmayne, Alex Milner and Andrew Colquhoun also gave fine performances..." (June 1997 No. 4010)

"...Simon Dormandy’s first play as Director of Drama, A Passage To India, was groundbreaking in terms of
Eton drama. Since I have been here, I have been fortunate enough to see some wonderful productions, yet
none quite so bold and assertive as this... "...Miss Quested, played by Eddie Redmayne. He did an admirable
job of communicating the quirky mixture of nervousness and superficial emancipation which the part requires..."
(Passage to India review in No. 4013 1997)
"...he (Eddie) names two inspiring drama teachers: Hailz-Emily Osborne and Simon Dormandy. ...Mrs Osborne
in fact remembers being entranced by a 13-year-old Eddie when he first took to the stage. “He had been given
a non-speaking role as Queen Charlotte in an excerpt of The Madness of King George. All Eddie had to do was stand and look terribly concerned while the elder boy hammed it up and went mad, but I was just riveted by him.
He came across as so professional, even at that young age,” she recalls of her star pupil. (radiotimes)

Henry VI review by Tom Hiddleston
(November 1998 No. 4017)
"...The overall standard of acting was exceptional, and there is no way that SHSD could have successfully pulled off such a challenging and ambitious production without the depth and range of his talented cast. Eddie Redmayne held the production together as Henry, the king ‘too full of foolish pity’. With a part like that, it is so easy to slip into tragic mould, and merely play up the whole ‘pity and piety’ act for the entire play. But Redmayne was more than that, and Henry seemed to develop from his early enthusiasm to an introverted, distant state of mind through his peaceful, religious tolerance of others’ mistreatment of him: ‘And what God will...I humbly yield unto’. Justin Moore’s York held great stage presence as the ‘tempest that shall not cease to rage’ - an embodiment of concealed passion that burst out onto the stage in his monologues, and his death scene was certainly among the most memorable...."

Cabaret review by James Parry (1999 No.4020)
"...There were many stars of this excellent performance but despite the outstanding quality on display, one actor still stood out head and shoulders above the rest. This was, of course, Eddie Redmayne whose performance in every respect was sensational. He was the master of ceremonies of the Kit-Kat bar and this title could not have been more apt. Eddie really did run the show; One could feel the audience focus even more as they found themselves captivated by this truly mesmerising acting. 

Eddie held the audience in his hands, almost literally. His singing was incredible, as usual, but he also showed his flexibility and immense skill as an actor as he adapted to a difficult and demanding role. With an actor of this calibre in the house, it would, however, be difficult not to produce an excellent play."

Maybe you remember the photo on the left. Look what I found in the 1999 Arcive (right pic)!

Saturday September 25Eton Action Fair (September 1999 No.4021)
 ...JRC and ALHG joined in with the less humane activities too, organising a custard pie throwing event, and the ‘Drown a Clown’ stall respectively. ... congratulations to everybody who took part and gave generously to the variety of charities supported by Eton Action. The fair continues to celebrate its status as the largest event of its type in the .Thames Valley. Amount raised by Houses at time of going to press was £7,800, whilst the total sum including entrance money and proceeds from the jumble sale was £9,800. Another £1,200 was raised from the hiring of the fives eourts etc. to charities.

In the next issue (Oct.1999 No.4022) there's an article written by Eddie
Theatre By Edward Redmayne (JRC) 
"Jonathan Kent, Director of the distinguished Almeida Theatre Company, addressed the Theatre Society at its first meeting of the Half on Monday October 4. Mr Kent spoke about the company’s pioneering role in British
theatre and described its unique advantage of not being restrained by the effects of institution - in contrast to its counterparts the National Theatre and
the Royal Shakespeare Company. The result of this lack of impediment is that the company has leeway to be experimental. Over the past decade, the Almeida has presented productions in venues ranging from Broadway and the West End to their Islington home and derelict film studios in London. Paradoxically, despite not frequently producing ‘mainstream’ works, the Almeida is renowned for attracting celebrity names. Recently, Cate Blanchett and Juliette Binoche have collaborated with the company and next year Mr Kent is to direct Ralph Fieimes in a joint programme of Coriolanus and Richard II. This production is eagerly awaited due to the critical acclaim of the last Fiennes/Kent project, Hamlet. Mr Kent pointed out to the Theatre Society how the prestigious reputation of the Almeida attracts famed actors and actresses who get paid very little. However, the sheer quality and innovation of the company is, by all accounts, far more rewarding than mere salary."

There's an article (in the 2000 No.4026 issue) about the fashion show, where Eddie first met Hannah .
"...The girls’ master plan was evidently to have us wearing as little as possible; William Noortman (PB) took great pleasure in taking his top off at every opportunity and Hugo Ryder (PSTW) and Eddie Redmayne (JRC)’s double
act of ‘Lizzie’ got the crowd baying with enthusiasm. We were assured that it was the best fashion show any of our adoring fans had ever seen, and we retired to the Sixth Form House for a party. Anyone who will still be at Eton
this time next year is strongly advised to get up on that catwalk and have a laugh; there is little in the world more satisfying than being screamed at by three hundred girls."

Articles from the 2000 No.4027 and No.4028 issue

ECMS Concerts Review By Edward Watkins (RMS) 
"The musical life of the School has been busy since the last issue of The Chronicle, with concerts by Edward Redmayne (JRC) and Matthew Lowe (CMJ) providing a wonderful contrast in events.... Edward Redmayne’s
concert was in a more light-hearted vein..."

House Drama Competition ByLindsay Elliott (St Paul’s School, New Hampshire) 
"...The final play, performed by JRC, departed from the previous three in that it was a presentation of self-contained stories, the Tales from Ovid of the title. The sparse staging of this play was complemented by their careful and successful use of props and mechanics. Mr Strachan particularly liked the representation of snakes copulating - two shaken ropes - and the gestures accompanying the transformation of Freddie Williams- Thomas into a woman and back again; he also picked out Edward Redmayne’s character leap from Juno in the first piece to Midas’ barber in the third. Though each individual myth was presented very well, the cohesiveness of the play as a whole was of course hurt by the fact that its components were, in fact, quite separate. Despite this it was a very good production and displayed the breadth of acting ability in JRC as well as the good use of another large cast. It put a last smile on the faces of the audience at the end of a superb evening."

Review by Nicholas Collon (MSS) about the School Concert in 2000, where Eddie performed. (No.4028):
"...the orchestra produced one of its most enjoyable concerts in recent years... ...The second half featured Beethoven s magnificent First Symphony in C major... ... and a selection of songs from the shows, sung by
Edward Redmayne (JRC). Not one to miss!"

Photo: Eddie Redmayne (JRC) as Herod, sends 
Jesus - Will Barratt (PB) - from his court
Jesus Christ Superstar review
by Rupert Stone (ALHG)
(November 1998 No. 4029)

...The highpoint of the evening was, undoubtedly, the sadomasochistic Herod scene, in which Eddie Redmayne (JRC) was allowed to exercise fully his extraordinary credentials as a performer. With electric singing, and fantastic inventive characterization, his short appearance very much stole the show...."

Edward Redmayne (JRC) sang a selection of songs from musicals. His impassioned voice lifted the strains of Miss Saigon, West Side Story and
Les Miserables. The excellent accompaniment from the orchestra drew
the audience’s imagination to the West End. (2000 No.4030)

Source: Eton College Chronicle Archive.
Thanks to bespokeredmayne and @daisy_104
for the great find.

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