Friday, July 13, 2018

BuzzFeed Fantastic Fan Q & A (NEW!)

Last week, BuzzFeed people had the opportunity to meet with the stars of Fantastic Beasts: The
Crimes Of Grondelwald, Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston, to get some info about the
upcoming sequel. Fans submitted a wide variety of queries, and some of them got answer for
their questions. You can read the full interview here.

Eddie on the Newt-Tina relationship: "There was so much hope at the end of the last film,
but there’s miscommunication....It’s desperate because they’re sort of pining for each other,
but things have gone awry. Part of this film is about them re-finding each other...
We were quite excited at the end of the last film. We thought, Oh my god, we’re going to get
to have a lot of fun working together on this film! And then the script arrived and it became
clear that it wasn’t going to be that easy. We’re going to have to work for this romance."

On the sequel: "It’s so much darker than the last one. I think Jo loves that. In fact, I think
she even said that to me on set. She was like, 'I just love it when it gets darker.'...
I love that she has such an extraordinary imagination for plot. It’s so tightly wound, this
story, that you have to pick apart each element of it. It feels like an extraordinary puzzle.”

On Newt: "...One of the lovely things that I adore about Newt is that he’s just completely
his own person – he doesn’t get pulled in to become a member of the tribe. People are always
trying to recruit him, but he’s his own person. And yet, actually, the stakes get so high in this
film that it’s really him questioning whether he can continue doing that or whether at some
point you have to engage."

"As for Dumbledore, he and Newt have always had this kind of wonderful master/apprentice
quality and there’s kind of a joy between them. But Dumbledore’s sly. Dumbledore’s been
recruiting Newt a little bit, and he certainly does in this film. I suppose the reason he’s
pulled to engage is because the stakes are so high. That Grindelwald dude is causing havoc."

On the reuniting of the fantastic four: "Those first early days when we come back to
work, there’s no work happening. It’s just life catch-up and David Yates occasionally going,
“OK, there’s work going on here, team. Enough with the banter.”...The idea of the quartet...
I think, momentarily, the band has been disbanded."

Eddie and Katherine also talked about the filming with beasts, the relationship 
of the Scamander brothers, the most magical moment on set and more...
Here's the link again:
The post includes a six minute video of Eddie and Katherine answering some
of the questions, and some beautiful photos by Laura Gallant.

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