Thursday, July 26, 2018

It seems like The Aeronauts filming has begun in Oxfordshire reported that Amazon Studios’ and Mandeville Films’ The Aeronauts,
a period feature start filming in late July, filming will take place in and around London. This is it,
I think. A vintage hot air balloon was spotted by several people Wednesday evening in Oxfordshire
between Reading and Oxford. There were two people in costume inside the balloon. Somebody was
climbing on the ropes around the outside at one point (x)Video by @Osiris292 on Twitter

They can be Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.
Thanks for the photo to @Chellefairy on Twitter

 Photo by @Mehalison on Twitter (edited)

AN OLD-fashioned hot air balloon was seen drifting through the sky in south 
Oxfordshire this evening, closely flanked by a very modern helicopter...

Residents reported seeing the occupants of the balloon take part in daring stunts with
people in costume seen climbing on the ropes outside the basket. A close-up of the balloon
showed a man in a pirate-style hat with a younger woman in a gold sparkly top.

People were wondering what it was. They guessed that it's a filming of a new version of
Around the World in 80 days, or it's for the BBC version of The Golden Compass.

Photo: @TK2262 on Twitter (cropped) - Did anyone else just see Phileas Fogg
fly over #Didcot chased by a camera helicopter! Very cool!

 @mr.kevkevo on IG: Phileas Fogg just floating by...
@paulsermon on IG: Apparently Baron Munchausen has visited Didcot...

The movie is based on the true story of a pair of British aeronauts who, in 1862,
attempted to fly higher in a hot-air balloon than anyone had before. Mandeville Films’
Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman are producing with Tom Harper directing from
Jack Thorne’s screenplay. The film is being made for Amazon Studios. (KFTV)

Recently found out, that this was not a hot-air balloon,
but the crew built an authentic gas balloon.

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