Saturday, July 12, 2014

Glorious 39 - Ralph up close - more amazing pics

For my post about Eddie Redmayne as Ralph Keyes in Glorious 39 I made more than fifty edited pictures. That's
too much for one post, so I divided into two. In this post there are mostly closups (edited captures) and quotes
from the film. The original captures are in the

Ralph tells Anne: 'Don't you realize we want people to feel defeated?! To feel there's no hope?!
That way we can do our deal with the Germans.' (x)

'Glorious... I know it's a very sensitive subject, but with my new job, I have access to all sorts of things, and I know 
who to ask to find out even more. So... only if you wish it, of course, but I could find out who your real parents were.'

Ralph: 'Should we be held to our promise to Poland? Do we really want to go to war for them? Can this be 
happening all over again? That's what's going on. They're all travelling back from their country estates as we speak. 
It's as bad as that. There's nothing you can do, Glorious. You go on making your movie. Cheer people up.'
Anne: 'I can't just do that, I have to do something more.'
Ralph: 'No, this is good advice. It's an absolutely splendid thing to cheer people up.'

Ralph: 'Why don't you ever do what you're told? Why do you insist that you always know best?
Because, in the end, what you never realised was you knew nothing. Nothing that really mattered!
You would not listen to me, would you? I told you to get on with your life. And now look at you. 
Look at you! We just have to stop giving you water, Glorious, and it's all over.'

captures source: (edited)

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