Sunday, April 1, 2018

'Red' NYC premiere 8th anniversary

Eight years ago today was the premiere of John Logan’s play ‘Red’ 
in the Golden Theater on Broadway. Eddie Redmayne won the Tony 
Award for his performance as Rothko’s fictional assistant Ken.

Red Premiere Curtain Call 1th April, 2010 NYC, Golden Theater - Video

Alfred Molina in the video: "Look at him, just look at him! The man knows how to
work a camera. He's so handsome, talented, I vowed never to work with anyone quite
so talented and quite so good-looking ever again. :D :D :D It's making me look bad."

"What I love about my experience of Broadway thus far is that the sense of community here, as opposed to the West End, is amazing. The fact that we share a stage door with two other theaters and that 
we had what’s called a gypsy run-through, when the casts from all 
the other shows came to see us, and that there are all sorts of mates from England working here and American mates who turn up at the show—it’s an exceptional thing, and there’s nothing like it in London. 
It’s always been sort of a dream to live here for a bit, so I’ve decided 
to grab the thing with two hands and get a flat in the East Village, buy 
a load of paint, buy a load of canvas, buy a guitar. I’m like a parody 
of what East Village living is, or used to be. My plan is that, by the 
end of the run, the moment in the play when Ken comes out with a 
painting of his in a box, there will be a real thing in there. Of course, 
the audience still won’t get to see it—it must remain a lovely enigma
—but I’ll know it’s there. (Vogue)"

The play will be revived from 4th May to 28th July 2018 at the Wyndham’s Theatre 
in London’s West End, directed by Michael Grandage with Alfred Enoch playing Ken,
and Alfred Molina reprising his original role as Mark Rothko. (wikipedia)

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  1. I am always amazed by how talented Eddie is. You can clearly see that he is a good actor during his interviews. It would have broken my heart if it was Eddie himself who was playing the role of Ken again because I will not be able to watch the play live.

    1. I've never been in London before. If I could go to see him in a play live, my dream would come true.


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