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Dan Fogler's Reddit AMA on Sunday 15 April 2018 - Fantastic Beasts related excerpts

@danfogler: AMA SUNDAY FUNDAY! 4/15 starting 10am est till whenever! 

Hi my name is DAN FOGLER and I write Graphic novels... AMA

Jk was so cool. she said she really loved Jacob. cut from the same cloth as Ron. he get's to be 
comic relief, lover, and hero all in the same journey. she was as giddy and excited to share 
her story with us as we were to hear it.

...Jude is a Gentleman and his charisma is a sort of super power, pretty sure he's kryptonian he 
has this "crystal Gaze" that i'm convinced is Xray style. and a mench. if that makes any sense...
aaaaand Johnny. Johnny. Johnny. Johnny... what can i say? despite the sad fact that there was/
is a swirling wind of controversy around him, He was REALLY cool me. i can only state facts. 
and what i know is i didn't have a lot of scenes with the guy but when we were just chilling off 
camera he let me pick his brain about Brando and Hunter S. Thompson and Rock and Roll and 
he didn't have to do that. and it was just so Fun to have both of these Legends hanging around.

Um Ezra is Hysterical, Eddie is Rather Cheeky and both Alison and Katherine are lovely quirky 
giggle munchkins... but that Niffler man...he doesn't have to say anything and i'm in stitches!

after jacob's fiance leaves him, he goes home and his house keys don't he slumps and
walks all the way around the building and climbs up the fire escape and through the window.
it was all very Chaplain-esque and there was a great bit right as he opens the case that got
ommitted where jacob open's the case expecting muffins and he sees the stampede coming and
so he just calmly places the lid back down and backs away slowly in dread...that expression
though was so silent movie dead that stuff. but of course it was cut for time.

Loved Meeting Ron Perlman one of my heroes wish i could have a career like his, 
and that whole giggle water scene in general was so much fun!

it was a BLAST. i met Emma Watson she was lovely. and Warwick Davis was very nice. 
and of course Bonnie wright is a gem and Evanna is a doll.

i'll describe main troup: EDDIE: GENTLEMAN ALISON: ANGEL,

i'm not sure how it'll turn out but i'm pretty sure jacob becomes the watson to Newt's sherlock

it's like i'm charlie being let into the chocolate factory, i run home everyday fast as 
i can singing "I've got a golden ticket!" ...i'm not being facetious. its awesome

Eddie is a scholar and a gentleman and he can star in any movie i'm in as far as i'm concerned. 
pretty sure he'll be knighted soon.

I always add my sense of humor into my characters, can't help it. jacob is very close to me
in a lot of ways. his journey was a mirror image of mine coming into the magical franchise
being in awe. he's from nyc like me and my great grandfather was a baker on the lower
east side so it feels kinda like fate.

i'm sure newt will have some kind of magic armor for Jacob to wear. Jacob survived ww1 
pretty unscathed. he's good to have around in a fight.

loved shooting the erumpent scene. perfect blend of comedy and action.

i'll be surprised and very upset if i'm not.

yeah it's a classic duo i must say... i can't divulge anything but i can say that 
their relationship becomes more complex.

good question. i'd have to Say Chris Walken. he taught me as long as you are fully comfortable 
on camera then you will only get 3 directions your whole career doesn't matter who the director is: 
1) "Do one slower" 2) "Do one faster" 3) "that was great now split the difference and we got it!"
.... and holy fuck he's right!

that's tricky really love working with both and got to do more with Kat 
this time around but i guess Alison cause we work most together.

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(screenshots and gifs from the DVD extra videos and the FBTCoG trailer)

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