Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trinity Choir picture from 2000

redbatchedcumbermayned found an archive picture about the Trinity College Choir from 2000. Eddie is in it in the middle of the back row. I made an edited picture in which I placed the zoomed part where Eddie can be seen.
It's a pity the picture's quality is not so good. Original photo's here

If you have any doubt, I matched the names to people

Quote from a Les Misérables review:
...The big surprise is Eddie Redmayne, whose operatic performance as a champagne socialist (Marius) torn between revolution and his pursuit of Amanda Seyfried’s Cosette was an unexpected delight. It is, perhaps, less surprising to anyone familiar with his background which includes a choral scholarship to Cambridge and membership of the National Youth Music Theatre, but either way the posh Brit cuts an ironic dash as one of the instigators of the June Rebellion. (source)

Quote from a Daily Mail article by Baz Bamigboye, 20 December 2012:
...Few knew Redmayne could more than carry a tune. He’s a revelation, in what is a career-changing role. The actor was an alto at Eton, and a tenor when he was a Cambridge choral scholar. But he quit singing when he realised he preferred speaking lines to singing them. (source)

From "A Trinity Christmas" album
The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge 2001
Soloist: Edward Redmayne

Album review and samples
Trinity College Choir, Cambridge 

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