Friday, March 22, 2019

New photos - opening to Useful-Beautiful exhibition and sighting in London

Eddie Redmayne chats with curator of ‘Useful/Beautiful-Why Craft Matters’
Hugo Macdonald at the private preview of the exhibition which runs at
Harewood House from 23 March 2019. (source: @scottmerrylees on Twitter)

@lindsey_portero posted on IG: Just one of the highlights of the
new exhibition at work. Sadly he’s not a permanent fixture...
Attractive Ear profile of @scottmerrylees

Art Matters!

"...I stood next to Eddy Redmayne during the speech’s tonight OMG 
😯 absolute superstar and obviously a very lovely as he apologised 
for blocking my mums view. All round wonderful night..."

Other sighting this week in London

Eddie was spotted in Sloane Square, London (March 18, 2019)
via @eddieredmayneclub_rus.sub on IG
He wore his Prada cardigan we saw him in first in 2016

More photos in the Daily Mail article here

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