Saturday, January 13, 2018

Time Out - Bucket of questions - interview video

Eddie was determined to beat the Star Wars crew. Rian Johnson could answer  7,
Mark Hamill 6 questions in three minutes.

How good would Eddie Redmayne look in a caveman outfit? ... pretty awsome :D
Do you have a real life nemesis? - Not what I'm aware of.

How does Eddie Redmayne fare in the Bucket of Questions quiz?
He was interviewed in London on 11st January 2018

Who is your real life Bobnar? - Aah!... My dad. I love my dad. He's called Richard.
He's sort of wise, and doesn't speak too much, and then gives me pearls of wisdom

Best thing you kept from the shoot. - Actually nothing. They did promise me 
a model Dug. There are lots in the room next door...

Cats, dogs or hognobs? Hognobs....

What's your favorite one liner from...? Well, it's not really one liner...

Once you had a crush on Nala in The Lion King. Is it going to be weird watching
Beyoncé in the live action version?'s gonna be weird, but no disrespect of
Beyoncé, who i love. It's gonna be hard to top the original Nala.
Time out. Eddie scored 10 points

my screenshots from the video

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