Sunday, January 28, 2018

Video: Aardman Studios tour with Eddie and Maisie

Behind the scenes look at Aardman's new movie Early Man, in which voice actors Eddie Redmayne
and Maisie Williams come face to face with their characters for the first time. They are taken on a
behind the scenes tour of Aardman's Bristol studio. (Cineworld). I think the tour was on
17th January 2017.  Maisie Williams and Aardman Animations tweeted about it.
Early Man is out in the UK now, you can book tickets here.

“So Maisie and I got dressed up as cave people, with huge spears, and started fighting it out.
And that was how I got into character…” Eddie said in an Early Man World premiere interview,
that he found liberating to do a role away from the camera. - My gifset from the video is here.

"I grew up with all of the stuff, that Aardman did, and I was always completely seduced by it.
He (Nick Park) showed me the model, and it did have that massive grin, and those teeth,
that you so relate to Wallace and Gromit."

"It feels nostalgic, and yet incredibly funny."

Early Man BTS tumblr posts
Early Man promo posts on tumblr

“I’m one of those actors that likes to do eight million takes, there’s never enough time to do as
much as you want. What’s lovely here is each time you do a session, you do maybe four or
five scenes and you can just give as many varieties as you want. You can improvise around it,”
Redmayne noted. “It would be quite embarrassing if there’s video footage of me doing it
because I got really physically into it and completely over-the-top to the point where they’d
go, ‘We can hear the jingle of your keys, can you calm down a little bit?’.” (digitalspy)

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