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New trailer with BTS footages - trailers and clips here Eddie Redmayne: I’ve been fired from many a voiceover job

He told the Press Association: “I was sent the script and I was offered the part and I’ve
loved Aardman since I was little but I wasn’t convinced that (I could do it). “What if I went
and did the voice thing and they said ‘Oh , you’re going to do it like that?’ “In order to
pre-emptively not get fired I said ‘could we have a session where we play around with who
Dug is’? “And we did and sweetly Nick didn’t want to fire me so that is how it all started.”

“I’ve been fired from many a voiceover job. “People were like ‘oh yeah we want
this person to do a film’ and then you stand in a booth and open your mouth and
they go ‘oh, oh he doesn’t actually have a very good voice, does he?'”

Interviews on the Early Man World premiere green carpet
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Den of Geek: Eddie Redmayne interview: Early Man, sofas, Black Death

"...I’m really embarrassed to say that I don’t think about the audience when I
choose a job. I tend to react to a script and go on an instinct, and whether I find it
entertaining. Is it a film I’d be interested in seeing? I’m an old fan of Aardman’s
from everything, so it was a bit a of a no-brainer. But their capacity to be so
inclusive, audience-wise, is a wonderful thing. It’s a rare, special thing a family
film where every generation can take something from it. It’s one of the things
I enjoy seeing......Genuinely, with Aardman, I’d be there! But I just laughed
when I read the script. A lot. And also, the past few films I’ve done, generally
the scripts don’t make me laugh massively. This was just so refreshing. I suppose
Dug is the straight guy, but one of the wonderful things about making the film for
me, the first session I could go there and Nick [Park] and I were working on what
his voice might be. Then Nick records an “eh?”, “uh?”, and then I’d come back a
week or two later, and they’d have animated it and Dug would be really funny!...


...The thing with Nick is that you work on a specific line, and you do it 20 times,
30 times, and he always has this face of optimism! Yeah, yeah, yeah! And you
know that he’s constantly optimistic and generous, and spirited, but you know
when you’ve got it. Normally it’s at a point where you go "Nick, will you do it?"
And he does it, and it always sounds so much better!...

...what’s interesting is that every film you do, you put everything into. So, weirdly those
films that very few people have seen – the fact that he’s even seen Black Death means
a great deal! The other thing is that it also makes total sense to me. What he’s looking
for is so unique. I must go and ask him what it was, though! My memory of that film
was being in swamps in Germany being beaten up by Sean Bean."
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Eddie Redmayne has praised women in the film industry and the number of female-centric films leading the awards race this year. He believes a "sea of change" is happening in the movie industry following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Eddie, told The Big Issue magazine: "I think all of the conversations that are happening in our industry and across all industries at the moment are beyond important. I hope there is a sea change. "But I think the success of female-directed, female-led films - the top three films of the year have had women in the lead roles - that is testament to the fact it is no longer an excuse." (x)

The Big Issue is OUT NOW: Politics and plasticine. Maisie Williams and Eddie Redmayne
on what we can learn from Early Man (x)

Early Man Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes
Early Man has received mostly positive reviews from film critics.
Daily Mail: "Early Man is a joy." 5/5
Guardian: "Its straightforward storytelling and gentle humour still work a treat." 4/5
Independent: "There's no single shot, movement, joke, or line of dialogue that seems wasted." 3/5
Variety: "Early Man is as charming as they come."
Radio Times: "Early Man finds a place somewhere at the top of Aardman's evolutionary tree with Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep." 4/5
The Telegraph: The miracle of great stop-motion has always been that the films look loved. As you watch Early Man, you can feel it. 4/5
Den of Geek: Aardman not only exists, but continues to maintain its high standards. Early Man is a real treat. 4/5
Financial Times review
The Sun review

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