Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wish Happy Birthday to Eddie!

Eddie Redmayne attended the Motor Neuron Disease Global Awareness Day 
Original photo source: Eddie Redmayne Central

Eddie's Birthday is in two days time, on 6th January. Instead of sending gift
please donate for MNDA, of which Eddie is a patron! Like last year,
a social media network of his fans is organizing an initiative, where
people can donate to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. For more
information follow @happy36eddie and #Eddie4MND on Twitter
Learn more and donate to support the work of the MNDA here: 
Any small donation helps. You can be sure, Eddie will read you message!

"I’ve been working with people who suffer from motor neuron disease [Hawking’s affliction], 
and I’m one of the patrons of the MNDA, which is the British association. This disease has 
been around for over a hundred years or longer, and we’re not any closer to finding a cure. 
That has a lot to do with the fact that not many people have it, so pharmaceutical companies 
won’t invest in research. [Recently] there was the Ice Bucket Challenge, and people were 
critical of it because everyone was jumping on the bandwagon. But it was raising awareness. 
I think the disease has a branding problem because it’s called different things, like motor 
neuron disease, MND, in the UK, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease..." - Eddie Redmayne

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It’s one week until Eddie’s birthday. Instead of sending gift please donate for mnda!
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  1. I'm happy I could donate at last. I would have liked to do it earlier, but my credit card expired and I couldn't go to the city to activate the new card, because I was ill since New Years Eve. I've got a virus infection, but I'm well now. Please donate! Any small donation helps.


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