Thursday, August 28, 2014

'Richard II.' co-star nominated Eddie again - photos by Hugo Glendinning and more

Eddie’s already done the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge! 
Now he’s been nominated again by Andrew Buchan.

He nominated Eddie Redmayne, Matt Smith 
and a friend from the University.

The photos were taken in December 2011 
by Hugo Glendinning
Photoshoot for "Richard II"

The fair cousins…

I searched other pics on the web to my post and found a few photos and gifs from the Richard II rehearsal and show 
in an Andrew.Buchan fanblog -  Andrew's Law: An Andrew Buchan Fansite (x)

A lovely (new to me) pic from the rehearsals for Richard II

Andrew Buchan’s Bolingbroke has got the best ‘for fuck’s sake’ face…
(Richard II, Donmar Warehouse) - video

Fan adventure: I went to see Richard II in London.Yeah, the play with Andrew Buchan and Eddie Redmayne in.
And I came back home with this... These guys are so sweet and even more hotter in the flesh. And so TALL !
As for the play, it is really amazing & the cast is perfect. One of the best I’ve seen so far! -queenofthehub

Richard II Opening Night After Party 6th Dec. 2011 - gallery

A brilliant review of Hollow Crown and its comparison with the Donmar production.

Thanks to July @the3rdRoom for the idea!


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