Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Lion Press Night

Eddie Redmayne attended the Press night of TheLion on 21st August in London. Hannah and his brother Tom Redmayne was there with him too.

About the show:
...The show, directed by Sean Daniels, is described in press materials as featuring "one man, six guitars and an incredible story of love, loss and survival."...

Review from Christopher Hong (ThePublicReviews)
...This is a performance at its simplest: just Scheuer and six guitars, telling us about his life. It is also storytelling and music at its best: direct, entertaining and engaging.

  …Yep that’s a pretty solid standing ovation. Many congrats @BenjaminScheuer @seandaniels (x)
Benjamin Scheuer and Eddie Redmayne at post-show party for The Lion
at St_James Studio (photography by @BronwenSharp) (x)

Update 24th August:
via @bespokeredmayne Eddie and Hannah at 0:39
This is the first time I heard Hannah's voice

gif source: sirredmayne

Sean DanielsVeronika Duerr and Eddie Redmayne at opening of The Lion (x)

Update 26th August:
...ASCAP Cole Porter Award winner Benjamin Scheuer returns to St. James Studio with his brilliant solo musical show, which sold out there under its original title The Bridge last October, following an award-winning premiere season at the Edinburgh Fringe....The article contains photos of Scheuer and company celebrating at the St. James!

School Chums - Alex Manvor, Ivo Stourton, Benjamin Scheuer and Eddie Redmayne
On 27th February Eddie attended Ivo Stourton's book launch (x)
The title of the book: The Happier Dead - description here
Benjamin Scheuer, Peter Baynton (Radish Pictures) and Eddie Redmayne
The Lion: An interview with director Peter Baynton (with the award winning video short)


  1. First I thought, that in the first picture the guy beside Eddie is his brother James, but Anonymus warn me, that he isn't. I still think, he looks exactly like him, but I'm not sure, so I left this out from the text.
    Reply to Anonymus: Thanks for warning me, but the comment's tone was hurtful for me, so I deleted it. Are you sure anyway? I want to write correct posts, but sometimes I'm wrong. Please feel free to warn me (without additional notes if possible)!

  2. is his brother Tom Redmayne

    1. Thank you! I was misled by his hair, that looks lighter than usual.
      He resembles his brother very much in this photo.

  3. Identifiable by its resemblance to the photos that appear in the presentation of Les Mis Berlin.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog, I am a fan of Eddie Latinoamerica, sorry my English is not good .my name is Mariela!


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