Monday, June 13, 2016

Eddie won his Tony Award six years ago

First of all Happy Birthday to Eddie's mom Patricia Redmayne!
She was his date at the event.


"I just sweat a lot...My her birthday today and I forgot to thank her...all these
sort of things completely dissapear from your mind as you can imagine it, goes into a 
hurtling daydream scenario, but my god is it special, so what I remember...this sort of 
vacume moments...from when it was announced to when I left the stage. 
Lucy Liu! My god! The most beautiful woman in the World...amazing "(x)

"My collective Elizabeths! I didn’t know that Cate [Blanchett] and Helen [Mirren] were going to be there presenting; 
it was extraordinary and incredibly weird. And Scarlett [Johansson], who was my Other Boleyn Girl. 
It was a great night for Tudor England" (x)

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