Thursday, June 30, 2016

Exciting new art project in Staffordshire related to the Lichfield Cathedral

Eddie at the Lichfield Cathedral
Eddie with Peter Walker sculptor and the model of a statue of St Chad, that
will become a 3m bronze sculpture at Lichfield Cathedral in coming years(x)

Lichfield Cathedral Artist in Residence Peter Walker Sculptor welcomes Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne 
to Lichfield to work on Peter Walker's exciting new project for Lichfield Cathedral. Working with Luxmuralis Sound 
Artist David Harper, Peter has created exclusive recordings for a significant upcoming event this August. 
Details to be announced. (x)
I think the recordings were on Monday. In my earlier post there are a few tweets from Tom Bennett,
I think these are related to this project.

Update: Lichfield Mercury article (via bespokeredmayne):
Eddie Redmayne joins Lichfield Cathedral in commemoration of the Battle of the Somme
...The Cathedral's Artist in Residence, Peter Walker, has been working closely with the star to bring Lichfield a unique exhibition which will take place from 4th-6th August, to commemorate the Battle of the Somme. This commemoration "will transform the inside of the Cathedral into a thought-provoking, emotive and poignant landscape, symbolising the journey taken by soldiers to the front, using the words of war poets, visual arts, light
and sound".
Eddie visited the Cathedral earlier this week to record a selection of well-known war poetry, which will form part of the exhibition. Visitors will be able to visit the Cathedral during the commemoration to see this "incredibly moving piece" performed by the exceptionally talented actor.
Part of the exhibition will also involve light projections by Peter Walker, and music by David Harper, who together collaborate under the name 'Luxmuralis'.
Peter Walker says: "Eddie has created a series of four remarkably moving recitations of war poems for the installation this summer. He was very generous in donating his time, and his support of the Artist in Residence program has been wonderful. "We hope everyone will come along and enjoy these recordings in August." Jason Dyer, Development Director at Lichfield Cathedral, adds: 'Within the Cathedral there are Books of Remembrance
that record all those who sacrificed their lives from our region in the Great War.
Full article

 Before Action featuring bespoke recording #eddieredmayne @LichfieldCath installation 
4-6 Aug #lichfield 7-12pm free (x)

Most likely Eddie's new project involves a spectacular light show like this one.
I can't wait to find out more, and jelous of the people, who can attend the exhibition in August.

Upcoming event at the cathedral (this is not what Eddie made the recordings for, but related):
The Somme - Lichfield festival light show - You are invited to this Free Event July 2nd 10pm
Lichfield Cathedral Artist in Residence Peter Walker Sculptor with Luxmuralis are back to project a poignant depiction of The Somme WW1 onto the facade of Lichfield Cathedral.

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  1. Update: On the second photo the statue of St Chad will become a 3m bronze sculpture at Lichfield Cathedral in coming years.


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