Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cute moments from Fantastic Beasts interviews

Eddie Redmayne sings to Katherine Waterston…
K: “…she’s understanding the beauty of these beasts and…” 
E: (spontaneously starts singing) “beauty of these beasts” 
Both: (chuckles and gives a hearty laugh) 
K: “oh, I love it when he sings to me..haha..”

Quotes from Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston “Fantastic 
Beasts” Roundtable Interview – published on November 14, 2016

Katherine: ...we often suggested magical ideas that are then tricky for them to implement. 
So when I see that they’ve ditched us at the apartment and I go running out of the house after 
them, calling, I had this idea that she sort of half grabs her clothes and runs out the door, so 
she doesn’t have her coat on then; she’s got half her PJs on. Then a little later, they have to 
go into this wonderful speakeasy. So I asked Colleen, “Do you think it would be possible for 
me to change my outfit with my wand to look presentable in the club?” And so she said, 
“Yeah, of course,” and the effects department…> [Everyone laughs] 
 Katherine: “How much time and money is that going to cost to take?” So yeah, that’s why 
Queenie and I… and then he did that, and I loved it. It’s kind of a slippery slope there. 
Because then you say, “Oh, then maybe I could fix my tie.” [Everyone laughs] 
 Eddie: And David Yates is going, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!” And then the guy behind 
from visual effects is going…  Katherine: But we did contribute in that way. (x)

Eddie: I had had a dog when I was a kid called Darby, and that was the only animal 
I’ve had. But I’m super allergic to cats, and I’m not great with horses either. I get… 
 Eddie and Katherine: … allergic. Eddie: And I love horses, and I love riding, 
but yeah, so I just have to take antihistamine. [laughs] (x)

Eddie: ...we flew back from New York, and Iris was on the plane, and there’s that fear 
when you’re on a plane that… and she doesn’t cry, but she shouts. She loves to shout. 
She goes, “Bahh! Bahh!” [Everyone laughs] Eddie: And I was so worried that everyone 
was going to be kept up, but most of the people in our cabin were the cast of the film, 
and they were so sweet. It became the Fantastic Beasts [daycare]. Katherine was 
looking after her for a while, and then she got passed around the Ezra, who was 
entertained. It was actually amazing. Hannah and I were just like, “Guys!” (x)

Eddie and Katherine playing with their Lego Universe counterparts.(x)

Eddie and Dan with their bowtruckles at a promo event in Japan

Q: In your opinion, what’s the difference between Ilvermorny and Hogwarts?

The pictures are my edits from the linked videos, except the one with the LEGO figures

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