Saturday, April 8, 2017

BAFTA 2017 photoshoot for British GQ by Gavin Bond

gavinbondphotography: 3rd years a charm. 
Happy I had a little more room this year and I could venture out of my 8x8 box 
and photograph more than just Eddies face. Part of my BAFTA portfolio for the 
latest issue of British GQ published today. @britishgq #eddieredmayne @bafta . 
Photographed using #Leica s007 @leicauk #bafta #britishgq

BAFTA photoshoot by Gavin Bond for GQ (x)

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Photos of the BAFTA 2017 BTS photoshoot from Gavin Bond's Instagram

The full page fom the GQ magazine
courtesy via bespokeredmayne

When Eddie Redmayne was at the university he auditioned for Tom Riddle 
in Harry Potter. He was unsuccessful, but it worked in his favour not to get 
stuck in a franchise. It allowed the 35-year-old to star in several defining roles, 
each more different than the last: going from a quadriplegic physicist as 
Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything - which made him the eighth-
youngest actor to win an Oscar - to a transgender woman in The Danish Girl. 
They confirmed Redmayne's ability to tackle roles most wouldn't touch, and to 
inhabit difficult characters through incredible empathy and studious research. 
This year, Redmayne starred in Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts 
And Where To Find Them and now a sequel's in the pipeline. 
(Eddie wears Dior Homme. Watch by Omega)

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