Monday, May 8, 2017

GOOGLE Zeitgeist Minds - in support of refugees

 clemencybh (x): So special to introduce these two amazing humans at #Zeitgeist - thank you 
@hassanakkad and #EddieRedmayne for reading so so beautifully @letterslive @helprefugeesuk… 

hassanakkad (x): Such a pleasure to be on stage with @clemencybh and #eddieredmayne at Google
zeitgeistminds today representing @helprefugeesuk .. many thanks to @letterslive for their support to.

Hassan Akkad is a syrian refugee, a filmmaker, who's known for his work on the
BAFTA TV Award winner documentary Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

helprefugeesuk (x): Help Refugees at @google Zeitgeist Minds. Together with our ambassador 
@hassanakkad, Eddie Redmayne and @clemencybh we were so proud to be at the annual Google 
Zeitgeist conference shining a light on the refugee crisis, telling stories with @letterslive

Choose Love For Help Refugees
You can help! Click here to order a T-shirt, like Hassan Akkad Syrian refugee, Eddie's
longtime University friend Clemency Burton-Hill and Eddie wears on the photo below

Eddie read a poignant letter to Anne Frank...(source: @MsIbegbuna)


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