Monday, June 12, 2017

Some of the team, that helps Eddie's career

Redmayne is repped by CAA, United Agents, Parseghian Planco and Untitled Entertainment.(x) (x)

Josh Liberman of CAA and Eddie Redmayne attend the 87th Annual Academy Awards Nominee
Luncheon at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 2, 2015 in Beverly Hills - source: zimbio

With Amy Komorowski, Jason Weinberg of Untitled Entertainment and MissCarrieG
October 2014 NYC (x) - another photo of Team Danish

Backstage at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards with Jason Weinberg and MissCarrieG
Source: via eddie-redmayne-italian-blog
In his Golden Globe acceptance speech Eddie mentioned his "wondrous team of agents"

 Eddie with his team at the SAG Awards 2015 (source: @misscarrieg on Instagram)

His team supported Eddie (sat at the same table) during the Awards show

In his SAG acceptance speech Eddie mentioned the wonderful group of people at table two

In his BAFTA acceptance speech Eddie also dedicated his award to his team, as part of his
professional family: " extraordinary team of agents who have been whipping me into
shape for the past 13 years..." (full speech here)

Jason Weinberg is behind Eddie on this photo, taken when Eddie won the Best Actor Oscar (x)

"I would not be here were it not for an extraordinary groop of people…and my ingenious team
of Dallas, Josh, Gene, Jason, Elan, Carl, Britney, and Carrie and Pip..." (video - transcript)

"Whatever Eddie's got, that's what you spend your life looking for. He had a unique presence,
completely untrained, the kind of magnetism that only great actors have...the most astonishing
natural ability. You can't teach that." — Dallas Smith (x)

Eddie with Gene Parseghian, who sadly died in March (x) (x)

On working with Day-Lewis, Gene said in 2001: "There have been times when he's gone for 
as long as three years between films. When I tell people that he's not interested in working, 
that he doesn't want to read any material or hear about anything, they have such a hard time
understanding. "With Daniel, his life is more important to him. And 
I think I work better with actors who are focused on living lives rather than living careers.
People who hand themselves over to their careers often end up living alone, very alone."


  1. I always learn something new everytime you post.. Thank you Judith..!

    1. My pleasure! There aren't much news about him lately, so I try to find some background infos or make posts about old stuff. If you have a request, please let me know :)


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