Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Day Bedtime Story will read by Eddie Redmayne

CBeebies Bedtime Stories are shown at 6:50pm every evening as part of the Bedtime Hour. 
The story is read by a different celebrity every night. Eddie Redmayne will read on 
Christmas Day (25.12.17), and Emily Watson on Boxing Day. - my earlier related post

The stories to be read by Eddie Redmayne and Emily Watson on CBeebies 
over the Christmas period have been announced today.
On Christmas Day’s CBeebies Bedtime Story, Eddie Redmayne will read If I Had a Dinosaur, 
by Gabby Dawnay and illustrated by Alex Barrow, about a little girl who dreams of having a pet 
of her very own. But what kind of pet would make the best companion? Eddie says: “I had the 
most wonderful time reading the CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Books before bed were always such 
an essential part of my growing up and it’s so lovely to be able to continue the tradition. I hope 
you enjoy the stories and Happy Christmas.” - Full article here

If I Had a Dinosaur, written by Gabby Dawnay and illustrated by Alex Barrow, is a fantastical look at owning a pretty bizarre pet. Our protagonist wakes up one day and ponders aloud what it would be like to have... a dinosaur! She wonders if it could learn tricks, like sitting and rolling over, or what people what say if she brought it to school with her. And, of course, how she would handle its poop!

If I had a dinosaur...was a finalist in this year's
Teach Early Years Magazine Excellence Awards (x)


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