Saturday, December 2, 2017

Photos from Tom Craig photographer's Instagram

tomcraig (x): I just photographed this guy @eddiedredmayne
Congratulations for the BAFTA nominations. Here's to a year of gongs. 
He also congratulated for Eddie's Golden Globe Award, BAFTA nomination and Award
tomcraig: Dear Eddie if you keep winning all the awards I might run out 
of pictures of you. Many Congrats on another gong (BAFTA 2015)
Another photo from this photoshoot on CLM here ...

Contact sheet from the Mr. Porter photoshoot (x)
tomcraig posted on Instagram on 11st March 2016: New photo project coming soon  
he recently posted this collage again last Friday 24th Nov 2017

Update 22nd April 2018: Tom Craig posted a new photo on his Instagram today.

And one more photo from the Esquire UK photoshoot with a 
congratulation to Eddie for his second Oscar nomination in 2016
Eddie does it again...

And here are some details from a contact sheet from his Shoot in 2012 (x)
You find another detail in Tom Craig's post here, he wrote about Eddie:
He has that rare ability to just make pictures look good.

Not Eddie but still cool: When I checked Tom Craig's IG, I found a
photo about Ellen's Oscar 2014 selfie from an other point of view here

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