Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Some recently found beautiful paintings

“She was a taker. You need a giver." 
 Wonderful Fantastic beasts art by @artbynikita on IG

 Illustration by @irenhorrors on IG: Finally finished my Fantastic Beasts illustration! 🐲✨ 
So nice to work in color again, after a month break. Did you enjoyed this movie? 
I really did, Newt was so cute 😺

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking 
by Sophia Miroedova @miroedova_illustration on IG

At the beginning of December something magical from @katriso_portrait on IG 
(click for full size)

 worldwidewizard: “Now that I know you love me as well It is harder to die. I pray 
that god will bring me home to be with you. Pray for your Marius. He prays for you.” 
Forever in love with this charakter. Marius Pontmercy from Les Misérables. 🍁

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