Wednesday, December 6, 2017

News: Eddie Redmayne to read Christmas Day CBeebies bedtime story

The news was announced by the BBC’s director-general Lord Tony Hall during a speech 
at the Children’s Global Media Summit in Manchester on Tuesday. “In fact – we haven’t 
announced it yet – but I can tell you that we’ve now got two other great British stars lined 
up to read bedtime stories over the festive period: Eddie Redmayne on Christmas Day, 
and Emily Watson on Boxing Day,” he said. (source:
CBeebies Bedtime Stories are shown at 6:50pm every evening as part of 
the Bedtime Hour. The story is read by a different celebrity every night.

Emily Watson was Eddie's co-star in The Theory of Everything. She played Jane's mother.

in NYC on 9th December 2006. (via

Personal note: 
Before Iris was born I sent a book to Eddie and his family. 
This was a collection of Hungarian fairy tales (translated 
to English) from the great story-teller Elek Benedek. 
My generation basically grew up on his tales here, they 
were among our first readings. I hope he, Hannah and Iris 
like the stories. 
Eddie mentioned in an interview last year, that they already
read tales to Iris. "…we’ve been given lots of kids books and 
it’s that wonderful thing of…sort of willing…we’re already 
reading at her and she just stares and kind of burps…you 
know…but it’s kind of more… it’s just wonderful to go back 
into that world. I think reading is so important. I think what 
J.K. Rowling did, you know really reenergized the world 
about how reading is so important."

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