Friday, June 26, 2015

Tresure hunt - look who met Eddie recently in London

Eddie attended the Forsters Treasure Hunt Challenge in Mayfair last night. The event raised money for Centrepoint.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended our annual Treasure Hunt last night and who once again helped to make the event a massive success. We had a great time, and hope that you all did too as you charged around Mayfair following your maps and filling in your question sheets, all whilst spotting the odd celebrity or three and forming human pyramids – just for a laugh. Our ever popular photo round requested that teams capture themselves in various situations, such as doing the hokey-cokey with as many people as possible, team members all crammed into a car, with a celebrity, forming a human pyramid, and with a barista in uniform. Some of the results were pretty hilarious, as you would expect. A few top celebrities included this year as well! We love our Treasure Hunt Challenge, and the fact it’s all for a good cause in the raising of money for Centrepoint makes it all the more rewarding and fun. Thank you to everyone who contributed to another great event. (x) via
He’s the treasure? Eddie Redmayne helps with London law firm/commercial real estate firm 
Forsters treasure hunt in posh Mayfair. (x) via

Eddie Redmayne, bringing joy to a summer evening in London, with his mere presence. (via)

Just met Eddie Redmayne on tube. Just another tall and skinny guy. There's no body guard. There's no reporters around...
Posted by Alett Ho on 2015. június 25.

A Russian fan met Eddie on Thursday at a cafe in London (x)

Suspicious photos in a Daily Mail article
Eddie Redmayne seemingly pushing a baby in a stroller with a female companion (not his wife or sister-in-law), but his hands aren’t on the stroller in any of the photos. 
Maybe these are photoshopped pictures?
When it comes to faults, their Twitter account went even further, probably they confused Eddie with the new dad Benedict Cumberbatch. I tried to search the tweet today, but I couldn't find it. I think they deleted it when they found out it's faulty. (via)

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