Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hick bts video - co-stars and producer about Eddie

"I don't know why they were wanted a Brit to play a Texan meth addict with a limp,
but somehow they did." - Eddie Redmayne (x)

Blake Lively (Glenda)
"Eddie is...He's an other person and just switches it on...he's Brithish, and then all the certainly becomes this cowboy...and his take on the character is so interesting and special, and he very miterious. You always wonder, what's going on behind his eyes...and he's one of the most generous actors I've ever worked with off camera...you know this way that Derick works - always throwing different things at us - things that Eddie does off camera, he should win an Oscar for it, because they're wild, but you know we're lucky to be able to play opposite him."

Jon Cornick producer:
"It's amazing, because that transformation that he talk about was...it's seemless. I mean he literally can be talking in his normal accent and having fun and joking around, and within a millisecond he slips into his character or his characters always."

Chloe Moretz (Luli):
"Eddie came in...with this British accent we're like w... and he read the lines and it was like - oh my gosh are you a Texan?.. It's no way you're British, because that accent is phenomenal, and his acting and everything he does is so top noach...and I don't think there's any other actor are there who's better than him. He deserved everything he will ever recieved and has recieved in his career."

Eddie with Derick Martini director on the set

Filming started on 29th March 2011
Finally a pic from social media taken the time of filming

hayley spencer @ GotPaynee / I met Eddie Redmayne in 6th grade wassup (and Chloe Moretz) (x)


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