Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lichfield Cathedral - Teaser 'Before Action' on 4th-6th August - war poem recordings!


A little Eddie Redmayne teaser on the Lichfield Cathedral facebook page

...come along to 'Before Action'
on 4th-6th August and see his exclusive war poem recordings!
‘Before Action’ is a special, commemoration event taking place at Lichfield Cathedral this August, to mark the anniversary of the Battle
of the Somme.

... There is no charge to attend this event, however donations to the Cathedral are hugely appreciated. The projections will run every 30 minutes from 19.00 to midnight on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, and Saturday 6th August.
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World War I Poetry:
W.N.Hodgson (1893-1916) 
 "Before Action"

By all the glories of the day
 And the cool evening's benison,
By that last sunset touch that lay
 Upon the hills where day was done,
By beauty lavisghly outpoured
 And blessings carelessly received,
By all the days that I have lived
 Make me a solider, Lord.

By all of man's hopes and fears,
 And all the wonders poets sing,
The laughter of unclouded years,
 And every sad and lovely thing;
By the romantic ages stored
 With high endeavor that was his,
By all his mad catastrophes
 Make me a man, O Lord.

I, that on my familiar hill 
 Saw with uncomprehending eyes 
A hundred of Thy sunsets spill 
 Their fresh and sanguine sacrifice, 
Ere the sun swings his noonday sword 
 Must say goodbye to all of this;-- 
By all delights that I shall miss, 
 Help me to die, O Lord.

(Eddie read the final verse of
this poem in the preview video)

Lichfield Live: Lichfield Cathedral art installation to commemorate the Battle of the Somme (via)
“Eddie Redmayne’s recitations of four of these poems form a central moment of reflection on the beauty and
emotive nature of art.” - Peter Walker

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